TV Presenter & Environmentalist

The star of dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV, on ABC TV, scrapboy is a hero to kids across the globe. Not just on TV, he and his BFF’s dirtgirl and Costa the Garden Gnome are huge on social media. A funster recycler and inventor, he roams the planet with his grubby bucket full of a million good ideas, sharing planet love and keeping true to his motto, little things make a big difference!

More about Scrapboy:

Growing up off grid, amongst the beans and pumpkin vines, tinkering away on his inventions; scrapboy has a tool for every job and a million good ideas.  He never imagined where his self-sufficient lifestyle would take him. His life mantra is simple, little things make a big difference! He believes we protect what we love, we love what we know and being outside grows a relationship with nature to cherish for a lifetime.

Now the star of dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV, on ABC TV, he is a hero to kids across the globe, who are growing up in a world where being outside and getting grubby is second nature. Not just on TV, scrapboy and his BFF’s dirtgirl and Costa The Garden Gnome’s influence reigns supreme on social media, with an enormous engaged global tribe who share and interact daily to inspire better change.

Working to change the way we reduce, reuse and recycle, spreading the love of compost and with the Indigenous Rangers of the Top End to inspire handling out country with care, are all part of his ‘normal’ life. As is, hopping up on stage at festivals to party with the grubby bucket of planet loving songs. If you ask him, he won’t say he is a hero or a warrior. He identifies as an inventor, a builder; an earth dweller, who loves singing as much as he loves going outside and getting grubby.

Scrapboy’s Grubby Bucket Show is a new twist on a bucket list!

Scrapboy’s on a mission and he is bringing the grubby bucket with him. And what a bucket it is; filled with songs, games and challenges. It even has its very own anthem.

The Grubby bucket show is a bucket list of kid powered takeaways! This show makes getting buzzy with bees, getting funky in the compost, getting up close and personal with chickens (no actual chickens in the show) and getting outside and getting grubby, everyday fun! Prepare for Mayhem!

GGTV is live action TV, starring dirtgirl , scrapboy and Costa the Garden gnome, that’s inspiring kids to turn off the box, pop down the tablet and head outside to get some dirt under their fingernails, the wind in their hair and some sunshine in their cells. And it’s not just for the small set GGTV has found a place in the whole family’s heart.

From Thursday Island in the Torres Strait to the Sydney Opera House in the big smoke, he is meeting and greeting, feeding worms and making compost lasagne, singing into carrots and leaving a trail of joy behind him wherever he goes.

Now, scrapboy is heading your way to spread the grubby brand of fun at your place!

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