Scott Stein

The Pathfinder, Speaker, Trainer & Business Coach

Scott Stein is known as the Pathfinder. He teaches individuals and organisations to improve their performance by inspiring their people and teams to do what matters. Drawing from his Native American heritage, he applies ancient principles to motivate people. As a speaker, trainer and coach, he has inspired and challenged thousands of executives and business owners who have achieved great success at work and in their personal lives.

With a demonstrated understanding of your business and the reinforcement of current management messages, Scott Stein will deliver practical and proven strategies that can be used to increase individual and collective effectiveness and awareness

Although his great grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee medicine woman, Scott Stein did not learn the Cherokee ways and grew up in a typical suburban family in America. He has always been drawn to the wilderness and became an adventure guide, leading or participating in adventure trips across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. He was fortunate to be taught by a teacher who had learnt the art of awareness, survival and philosophy from an Apache elder.

After receiving his Masters Degree, Scott Stein taught Communication and Public Speaking at Central Michigan University. His role as a learning and development manager for five manufacturing plants gave him an opportunity to hone his practical business skills as he assisted in turning the enterprise around by improving the culture and lifting performance.

Scott has been based in Sydney, Australia, since 1995 as an owner of a national learning and development company and now travels the globe to help people identify and take action toward their critical path. As a consultant to many leading national and international businesses and organisations, he guides them in implementing strategies that inspire their leaders and their people to do the things that matter in the right order to achieve improved results.

A Thought Leader Global Partner, Scott co-authored Thought Leaders: How to capture, package and deliver your ideas for greater commercial success and Sell Your Thoughts: How to earn a million dollars a year as a Thought Leader.

Scott believes in building community and giving back. He is a founding board member of Hands Across the Water, an Australian charity established after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. It has raised almost $15million and cares for over 600 children across six orphanages and a community centre in Thailand. What makes the charity unique is that 100 per cent of donations go directly to the projects without any funds being spent on administration, marketing or staff in Australia.

Scott Stein talks about:

A nationally certified trainer and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Scott Stein delivers keynotes, workshops and mentoring sessions. These sessions can be specifically tailored, expanded or combined dependent on timeframes. Scott is known for his inspirational style and ability to get real and get audience members to check they are ‘on path’, at work and at home.

Start doing what matters

In a world where we are faced with unlimited choices and limited time, business owners, leaders and staff are finding it hard to stay focused. Everyone seems to be extremely “busy” and fewer people feel they have the time to make smarter decisions – and it is costing us at work and at home. Using the Native American principal of The Sacred Order, Scott shows how many people mix up their sequence and the touch-points required to get more efficient results. This interactive program provides them just the right balance of practical insights and ancient wisdom to allow people to work smarter not harder.

In this keynote audiences will:

  • Learn how being “busy” is a mindset and how to change it
  • Track their recent steps and assess how to be more efficient
  • Understand the Sacred Order and how to use this to do the right things in the right way at the right time.

Productivity – execution building a tribe of leaders

Many businesses are looking for their people to step up and demonstrate leadership at the next level. Many managers are struggling with how to get the best out of their people given the multiple tasks and tight deadlines that they are facing. In this busyness, they often forget how to empower others with tasks in a way to motivate them toward results. This session is designed to empower your leaders to identify the touchpoints that they can use to take performance to the next level. It will also provide them with a Delegation Model that will allow them to get their people to step up and take leadership.

In this keynote audiences will:

  • Understand the traps of mental autopilot activity and how managers can start shifting their approach and impact on others
  • Track how to build a tribe of leaders that are inspired and wanting to take action Identify how to truly delegate in a way that gets people to want to take action and lead.

Empowered delegation – getting everyone moving to same drum

One of the biggest challenges that occurs in many organisations is around communication. With a geographical distance between locations and multiple channels of communication, often the message gets lost. In this interactive workshop, participants will become aware of their concentric rings and how this delivers their communication to others in a more powerful way than normal. It also looks at their natural pattern of communication and how they can better understand their own style – and how to improve their approach with others.

In this keynote audiences will:

  • Understand what a concentric ring is and how they can use it to improve their communication and influence with others
  • Identify their natural communication style and how they can use this to improve their approach with others (including statistical survey if wanted)
  • Walk away with insights and practical techniques that they can use to improve their communication with others.

Improving communication – using ancient techniques to broaden mindsets

Just like today, native people had to constantly be on the “hunt” for food and survival. To be successful in the hunt they focused as much on what they did before the hunt as on the actual hunt itself. Scott bases this workshop on his experience from selling knives door to door at 17 to selling products in retail stores and coaching top sales people from the top brands across Australia. Often he finds that many sales people have been lucky to date and need to be more aware of the strategies they can use to improve their results – short term and long term. Using Native American techniques, Scott will provide your sales team with the necessary skills to be more successful in the hunt for sales. This presentation includes interactive activities that allow your people to grasp the techniques to anchor them for the future.

In this keynote audiences will gain an understanding of:

  • The top 5 pitfalls in sales – and why most sales people fall into them!
  • Concentric rings – and how they effect your sales during the hunt!
  • The difference in the sales hunt: how to use different selling techniques (tracking vs. stalking vs. hunting).

The hunt for sales special moments – Providing incredible customer experience & improving the customer approach.

With all of the digital disruption and bombarding of information, customers are becoming more and more confused. In the past it was easy to create customer loyalty as there was less competition and more time to take care of their needs. Today customers have become more savvy and more demanding – which is making it harder and harder for staff to look after them. This is leading to higher customer churn and the new battle is in how to look after customers. By identifying special moments and creating a philosophy of customer care, people can start creating an incredible customer experience.

In this session Scott will share his best practice model and how leading edge companies like Disney, Apple and others are creating special moments – and creating customer advocates.

In this keynote audiences will:

  • Truly understand the impact of special moments on retaining customers
  • Learn from other best practice companies on how they provide incredible customer experiences
  • Identify the special moments they could be creating for their customers.

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