Scott Hull

Juggling Workshops

Faced with targets and goals that are often difficult to achieve, most business people become somewhat daunted.

In Juggling Workshops, Scott Hull breaks down the complex process into simple steps, demonstrating the necessary tools needed to achieve goals previously thought unobtainable.

Scott asks participants how many believe they will be able to juggle three balls within one hour. His question is usually met with a negative response. Scott challenges this preconception by teaching at least 95% of participants to juggle.

At the session’s conclusion, Scott reminds the audience how they mistakenly believed juggling to be another one of life’s unattainable goals. Reiterating the analogy of juggling and setting goals, Scott delivers the message that with self-belief and focus, any goal is achievable.

Scott teaches audiences:

  • The Principles of Learning to Learn
  • Working Towards Your Maximum Potential
  • The Value in Breaking Complex Concepts into Simplified Components
  • Building Confidence
  • Focus and Concentration

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