Sashi Cheliah

2018 Masterchef Winner, Restaurateur & Host

Sashi Cheliah was the 2018 winner of Masterchef Australia. An entrepreneur and restaurateur, he is passionate about recreating the flavours from India, Malaysia and China that he so fondly remembers from his childhood. A former officer in the Singapore Police Force, Sashi moved to Australia in 2011 and took up a job in a women’s prison in Adelaide. With a passion for life, people and food, Sashi Cheliah is a unique and refreshing host.

More about Sashi Cheliah:

Born in Singapore as the eldest of seven children, Sashi grew up with a strong sense of family and duty. Introduced to food at a young age through his mother’s cafe, Sashi’s strongest memories are of his aunties and mother cooking meals for the growing family.

Based in the Star Unit of the Singapore Police Force for nearly a decade, Sashi was highly trained, dealing in special tactics and rescue operations. Working in counter terrorism, kidnappings and high-profile protection in the riot police, it was a time in his life Sashi relished. He loved the adrenalin and high-paced lifestyle and enjoyed being both physically and mentally strong.

In 2011 Sashi left the police force to relocate to Australia. Following a stint with the Justice Department in Melbourne, he and his family moved to Adelaide, where he took up work at a women’s prison.

Sashi says his love and commitment for food has grown since he moved to Australia as he aimed to replicate the Indian, Malaysian and Chinese cooking of his youth. Regular phone calls home to mum and aunties to talk about their recipes and cooking tips have helped build up his knowledge. The strength and stamina that he developed while in the Singapore Police Force were integral to winning the 2018 MasterChef Australia series. While competing he became known as a king of flavour, made history as the first contestant in ten seasons to win two immunity pins, and was ultimately crowned the winner after securing the biggest margin and highest score ever seen in a Grand Finale.

Outside of the kitchen Sashi loves to keep fit, stemming from his time as an elite officer. He participates in Tough Mudder competitions, adventure races and enjoys competing in marathons. Sash is married to Rabicca and they have two sons Marcus and Ryan.

In late 2018, Sashi opened a pop-up restaurant in the Hawker Food Centre in Melbourne.

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