Sarah Monahan

Actor, Author, Advocate, Speaker

Sarah Monahan was a child actress, becoming the public face of childhood sexual assault, before the Royal Commission or #MeToo. Sarah was best known for her role as Jenny Kelly on Hey Dad..!

Sarah navigated the media, courts, a book tour and parole hearings with diplomacy, grace and thoughtful interviews.

More about Sarah Monahan:

Sarah is a leading voice in spearheading change for women’s safety across the world. Well before MeToo, TimesUp or LetHerSpeak, Sarah bravely spoke out about her experience of sexual abuse, jailing a pedophile in the process.

The decision to speak up could not have been easy: not only was Sarah a child at the time of the abuse, but the offender was one of Australia’s most well-known ‘TV dads’. The power imbalance was extraordinary and yet, despite blow back and accusations of ‘attention seeking’ and ‘trial by media’ Sarah persisted.

Her clear as a bell voice cut through the waves of victim-blaming and shaming rhetoric, and eventually Sarah became known as Australia’s Ground Zero MeToo whistleblower. In doing so, she also became a lightning rod for other survivors who she has since worked to support.

Outside of TV, she’s been a PAO in the Military, has trained in leadership and team building, a COPE facilitator for BSA, and a Board Member for a Minor Consideration.

Sarah Monahan speaks about:

·         Surviving Abuse

·         Navigating a Media Storm

·         Resilience

·         Motivation

·         Team Building

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