Sarah Klain

CEO of Responsible Metaverse Alliance & AI expert

Sarah Klain is a highly skilled and analytical professional with extensive experience in Responsible AI and Responsible Metaverse practice. She is committed to promoting ethics, diversity, fairness, and responsible technologies. Throughout her career, Sarah has worked and led teams in major cities such as Sydney, New York City, and London, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Sarah is the CEO of the international company, Responsible Metaverse Alliance and currently sits on Interpol’s Metaverse Expert Group (i-MEG) as a subject matter expert and on Interpol’s Forensics & Investigation committee.  Sarah holds a post-graduate degree with distinction in Business Management and Marketing from Deakin University in Australia, as well as a diploma from the United Nations (UNAA NSW Dip.).

Her interests include responsible artificial intelligence, responsible Gen-AI, sustainability & humanitarian causes. Sarah firmly believes that by promoting safe and ethical practices in AI, and the metaverse by developing stronger governance and regulation, we can help mitigate the risks posed by rapidly evolving technologies. Her goal is to contribute to a world where responsible AI is at the forefront of all technological advancement and enhancement.

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