Sami Renouf-Bromley

Respected authority on health and fitness

Sami Renouf-Bromley is one of Australia’s most respected authorities on health and fitness. A former physical education teacher, with several national titles and a World Title in Fitness, she is well qualified to speak on the importance of self maintenance in our daily lives and is in constant demand as a corporate speaker and motivator.

Sami Renouf-Bromley is living proof of her philosophy that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Her pursuit of personal health goals has seen her evolve from her early career as a teacher to a successful businesswoman. She was instrumental in the establishment of Renouf Fitness Academy, an internationally recognised training facility. She has been editor of several fitness magazines and has designed and manufactured her own fitness clothing range.

Sami Renouf-Bromley talks about:

Sami offers staff at all levels a range of professional development presentations designed to stimulate, inform, entertain and inspire.

Her topics include:

  • Motivation, enthusiasm and a healthy lifestyle as the cornerstones of success
  • Stress management in the workplace
  • Putting the drive back into everything you do
  • Your body, your vehicle for life
  • Remember and regain the body you had at 25
  • Walk, flex and press your way around the mid life crisis
  • Leading from within

Sami’s presentations are tailored to meet the individual needs of clients, conference and event programs. For something a little different she can deliver interactive presentations with various degrees of audience participation, and provide an indoor assault course (in Perth metro area only) for team building activities.

Sami has addressed major conferences in Western Australia, Sydney, Adelaide and Queensland including Housing Industry Association National Convention on Hamilton Island to 835 delegates, and the Bunnings Trade Incentive Convention on Lindeman Island to 250 delegates.

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