Sally Callie

Triple Olympian, Stroke Survivor and Inspirational Speaker

Sally Callie is a triple Olympian rower who truly understands the power of mindset. She suffered a stroke following neurosurgery, but with determination and drawing on the strategies she’d learned as an elite athlete, recovered her fitness.

Today Sally Callie is a coach, science teacher and mother. She is also a member of the Queensland Olympic Education Commission and a committed disability advocate.

An inspirational speaker, Sally delivers powerful, heartfelt, and meaningful messages about how we can all change our mindsets to meet life’s challenges.

Sally challenges audiences to look at their world from a new perspective and think differently about how our decisions in life form our attitude and success, despite the obstacles life presents. Audiences are left with an understanding of how important it is to make the most of every opportunity, regardless of circumstances.

With a distinctive outlook on life, she presents powerful, practical strategies and take home messages capturing her experiences from three Olympic Games and then how she transferred those skills to get back on her feet after debilitating brain surgery followed by a stroke. She plays her hand like a true champion, turning threats into opportunity, establishing a firm mindset which will inspire her audience.

Highly respected, she has shared the stage with fellow brilliant women including Lisa McInnes-Smith, Rabia Siddique, Karen Boyes, Margo Halbert, Marayke Caroline Jonkers and Robbi Mack to explore the theme of bravery.

Whether you require an empowering and entertaining event speaker; support with leadership and team building in the workplace, the marketplace, a sports arena or the schoolyard, Sally inspires, entertains, captures and engages with her audience

Sally Callie talks about:

From Stroking The Boat To Stroking The Mindset – Sally presents to communities, schools and women’s symposiums, highlighting the importance of tapping into inner strength, making positive choices, and finding purpose.

Through her own adversity, she gives your audience the emotional boost they need, but will also arm them with the practical strategies and take-home messages to translate what they have learned into measurable improvements in their own lives – whether it’s the workplace, the marketplace, a sports arena or the schoolyard.

Every End has a New Beginning – Sally presents to university and school students, capturing the intent of your school mission statement in order to enhance and enrich the school community.

Sally shares her charmed and adventurous life so far and gives examples of the many pathways taken and many achievements attributable to what was learned during her time at school, in an environment similar to yours that supported ambition and nurtured talent and drive where hard work, passion, compassion, resilience, and curiosity are a foundation.

She emphasises with graduates that if things don’t go the way you imagined, know that with the adaptability and resilience that you have learnt in your time at school, you are still destined to prevail.

From Stroke to Stroke: Perspective From the Bed Rails – Sally presents to university students and those working in the medical field, in a presentation that captures the importance of improving the health provider/patient relationship through language that inspires, empowers and connects.

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