Rowland McGabhann

Superb communicator and motivator

Expert communicator and physical education instructor Rowland McGabhann (pronounced McGowan) is a former Irish national and international sporting champion, stuntman and entrepreneur.

Rowland overcame a tough upbringing in post-war Dublin and a rare crippling disease that immobilised his limbs in his mid-twenties to carve out an impressive background in sports and physical fitness. Within two years of his diagnosis, Rowland defied the odds and not only taught himself to walk again, but to compete and beat his peers, while living in some of the most exotic places in the world.

Rowland McGabhann has a warm Irish charm and a natural ability to teach individuals and teams how to motivate and empower themselves to achieve peak performances at critical times. Combining the principles of martial arts and mental focus of the mind, Rowland shares how he turned his own initially difficult journey into an adventurous, exciting and high-achieving life.

Rowland inspires audiences to break through inhibiting barriers and achieve satisfying results by applying and relating mental focus and physical exercise to their personal and professional lives.

More about Rowland McGabhann:

Rowland McGabhann’s many impressive sports achievements include Irish state champion boxer, Irish champion barefoot water-skier for 10 years undefeated, a top 10 ranking in Europe, holder of the European jump record and competitor in 10 successive world championships, and twenty years of martial arts experience holding a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

He also performed as a stuntman on horseback and in car and fire scenes, for films and shows including Country Dance, Great Escape, The Quiet American and The Danny Thomas Show.

As well as being a qualified Physical Education Instructor Rowladn has also studied biochemistry and behavioural psychology.

Today, Rowland, as a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA) APS, delivers powerful, life-changing yet light-hearted presentations showing audiences – individuals and teams, sporting and corporate – how to create powerful psychologies for success and achievement.

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