Ross Honeywill

Social & Business Futurist

Ross Honeywill is the doyen of consumer behaviour. He is internationally recognised as an authority on the impact of a changing social fabric on the future of business & politics, of marketers and employers.

Through Ross Honeywill’s leadership role at KPMG (Asia/Pacific) between 1997 and 2001, Ross has become recognised as a challenging and stimulating futurist.

A best-selling author, Ross’ book NEO POWER has generated international acclaim, and his successful first book, I-Cons has been published in Australia, New Zealand and Mainland China.

Ross is CEO of the privately funded consumer think-tank, the Social Intelligence Lab with offices in Australia and North America. He is in demand as a speaker not only for his hard evidence but also for his engaging presentation style that brings his topics, and his audience, to life. Ross Honeywill’s knowledge and expertise are also in demand by national and global brands including Qantas, David Jones, Lexus, Sony, Moët-Hennessy, National Australia Bank, Yahoo!, Energex among others.

Ross unveils startling new insights into the social and consumer changes that are reinventing the rules of engagement in both the marketplace and the workplace. He identifies the new ways of identifying high-value customers and of unlocking new value. According to influential media commentator Robert Gottliebsen, ‘No one knows more about the consumer revolution than Ross Honeywill.’

Ross is a regular media commentator on international trends and is widely quoted on social, business and political issues. US business analyst & commentator Richard Cartiere says, ‘Ross Honeywill’s penetrating insight into the real behavior of consumers has shaken the very foundations of marketing in the 21st Century and has helped global industry prepare for this new where past assumptions no longer work.’

John Mutter, the executive editor of the influential Publishers Weekly in New York said ‘Ross Honeywill’s exciting approach to consumer behavior focuses on discretionary spending that adds to the quality of one’s life. Business, community and political leaders alike would do well to wake up to the Honeywill message’

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