Ron Lee

The Corporate Ninja

Ron Lee, CSP*, is known globally as “The Corporate Ninja”.

He’s a Conference and TEDx Speaker, Executive Trainer and Consultant. Ron trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and has studied six forms of martial arts.

As well as having regularly lectured in Verbal Communication at the University of New South Wales, Ron trains senior executives internationally in performing arts- based presentations, leadership and personal power using Eastern-Western Philosophies, Metaphysics, Martial Arts and the Performing Arts.

Ron has been consulted by the CEOs of some of the top 100 corporations on four continents as well as politicians and sports people. He has trained women to six world championships.

Ron is author of the book, “What Shintaro Taught Me – Zen and The Art of Success“, and has had roles in eleven feature films including the legendary “Zombie Brigade”. He had cameo roles in the film, “Mao’s Last Dancer” and in the television series, “Underbelly – The Golden Mile”, “Old School” and “The Lost World”.

The Corporate Ninja helps you to empower yourself so you can achieve anything with less effort.

The Keynote Presentations and Master Classes are high-impact, interactive, effective and memorable, so be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

* CSP is the highest professional speaking designation in the world, with less than 9% of globally registered speakers attaining this level. Ron is also on the international panel that decides who receives the CSP.

Ron Lee talks about:

The Hoax – Everything is an illusion. Everything is perception. Nothing is as it seems. Ron Lee plays the role of a Japanese industrial giant who is the central character in a motivationally interactive and inspirational presentation designed and written specifically for your organisation. He engages audience members to demonstrate the ways in which martial arts techniques assist individuals and companies in exceeding personal and corporate goals.

Ninja Secrets that Created World Champions – Strategies That you can immediately use personally and in business.

Include Me In! Our Diversity is Our Super Power – Find out how the unified power of diversity and inclusion can increase productivity and profit. The keynote can be presented as myself or in a character that invites unconscious bias and assumptions.

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