Roger La Salle

International expert in Business Innovation & Opportunities

Roger La Salle is a passionate and engaging speaker who talks from the heart and thrives on helping you see exciting business opportunities materialise right before your eyes.

Having successfully built his career on developing and commercialising successful products, Roger loves to share his simple approach, one that has proven so effective over many years across many industries.

Roger, a professional engineer, successful entrepreneur and international expert in business innovation, brings with him a lifetime of experience and successful business creation. There are few who speak on innovation, creativity and business building that can claim to have literally made more than $1M from their own ideas on more than three occasions – but Roger La Salle can.

Roger is the creator of the highly acclaimed Matrix Thinking which has been embraced by businesses worldwide. It is now licensed in 27 countries and is used in some of the world’s largest organisations from airlines, to banks, manufacturing, FMCG, scientific bodies and some of the world’s largest consultancies.

Roger La Salle is the Director and former CEO of the Innovation Centre of Victoria (INNOVIC) as well as a number of companies both in Australian and overseas. He has been responsible for a number of successful technology start-ups, including four based on his own technologies, and was a regular panellist on the ABC New Inventors TV program. In 2005 he was appointed to the Chair of Innovation at the Queens University in Belfast.

Roger has presented in more than 26 countries and in four languages. He is a TED presenter and has also made appearances on David Koch’s Business Builders TV series on Channel 7.

Roger works across all industry sectors and has special skills in seeing and developing applications in seemingly unrelated fields where the implementation of ICT solutions can open doors previously thought unavailable.

Roger La Salle is a challenging, dynamic and sought-after speaker and facilitator who uses his experience and innovation to impart valuable information. During his dynamic, inspirational presentations Roger will deliver an amazing but simple process that will change forever the way you run your business.

Roger La Salle talks about:

  • Innovate or Perish
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Business Building
  • Innovation – what is it and how do you do it?
  • Marketing – how to remove the single biggest risk in business
  • Marketing – finding the ‘touch points’
  • What is an opportunity – how do you systematically search for one?
  • Getting your people involved in the journey
  • Inspiration in Business – how you do it.

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