Robyn Pearce

International Time Management Specialist

Founder and Co-Director of TimeLogic Corporation (NZ), Robyn Pearce is a Time Management Specialist whose practical and common-sense approach has helped thousands of people in organisations and industries around the world.

In the late 80s as a solo mother of six and burnt-out real estate agent, Robyn learnt her time management skills the hard way!  However, once she conquered her bad habits, people started to beat a path to her door requesting help.

Since then Robyn Pearce has been delighting audiences in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region with topics including:  How to Work Smart, Not Hard;  Getting a Grip on Time;  Getting a Grip on Work/Life Balance; You Too Can Win the Paper War; and From Gumboots to the Boardroom.

Robyn’s practical and common-sense approach to time usage and associated subjects such as work/family balance, delegation, email management, paper and information overload has helped thousands of people in numerous industries and organisations. The focus is on improved effectiveness, both for individuals and workgroups which, of course, has an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Providing practical strategies audiences can apply immediately, Robyn fits a client’s brief perfectly. Audiences are constantly heard to remark, “That was the most practical session on the agenda, I could have listened to you for hours.  What’s more, I’ve put some things into practice and they really work!”

Robyn builds rapport with audiences quickly, and specialises in interaction – within minutes they feel as though she really understands their problems. She is also one of less than 800 people worldwide to hold the highest professional speaking accreditation – Certified Speaking Professional – and the first in New Zealand.

Companies who have benefited from Robyn Pearce’s expertise include the NZ Institute of Management, Australian Institute of Credit Managers, Cisco Systems, Austereo, Telecom NZ, 3M, NSW Real Estate Institute, Daihatsu, BNZ, Traveland, LJ Hooker and Colliers Jardine.

Also a successful and prolific author, Robyn’s best-seller Getting a Grip on Time has constantly been reprinted since 1996. Her other titles include About Time – 120 Tips for Those with No Time, Getting a Grip on Life – Goals Toolkit, Getting a Grip on the Paper War – Managing information in the modern office, and with LaVonn Steiner, US leadership specialist, About Time – 120 Tips for Those with No Time and About Time for Teaching – 120 time-saving tips for teachers and those who support them!

Robyn Pearce talks about:

Getting a Grip on Time: Learn, laugh and be revitalised with a fresh perspective on how to be more productive, have less stress, make more money, and spend more time with the activities and people they love to be with.

You Too Can Win the Paper War: Practical solutions to one of the most common workplace challenges. Learn how to clean out your mess and how to stay organised.

Tap Dancing with Time Wasters: A powerful session that allows audiences to solve their specific problems and includes how to plan, prioritise and delegate

From Gumboots to the Boardroom: Robyn shares her journey from raising six children on an isolated sheep station, to top-selling real estate agent, business owner and international time management specialist.

Clear the Clutter: and de-stress yourself – as well as those messy offices!

Goalsetting Workshops: Robyn helps people discover WHAT their goals are (the issue many struggle with in regards to goals).

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