Robin Napper

Crime forensics and DNA expert

Former UK Detective Chief Inspector Robin Napper was trained in the old police methods – get a confession.  But he’s now a messenger for the revolution in policing – forensically driven crime investigation.

Robin Napper was at the forefront of the DNA revolution in the UK and he introduced it to NSW in 1998. He has years of experience and success in crime investigation, training, terrorism and prison security to back up his insistence that scientific based policing is the way forward.

Robin was the Head of Operations of Britain’s National Crime Faculty – the centre for training for all UK police.  He developed a national data base of top investigators and experts, and was part of a major operation to use DNA to re-investigate cases that had gone cold.

In 1998 Robin Napper was seconded to Australia as a Detective Superintendent with the NSW Police. In this role, he was instrumental in introducing DNA technology across Australia, and was a consultant to both Federal and State governments.

Robin moved on to become the Director of Marketing & Development at the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Forensic Science, a  position he held until 2006. He also advised Singapore, Thailand and Middle East countries on the implementation of DNA in their regions and is consulted today by many agencies in complex homicide investigations.

Throughout 2007 Robin was also a regular panelist on ABC TV’s Can We Help.

Robin Napper talks about:

Robin is called on by police from around the world for crime reviews, and to deliver educational courses and demonstrations on forensically driven investigations. A much sought after speaker for conferences, seminars, corporate and government events, Robin delivers presentation on leadership and teamwork that are infused with fascinating real life case studies.

In Robyn Napper’s presentation, ‘Leadership Matters’ he draws on two high profile international police cases during which the issue of leadership came under scrutiny.

His presentation on the importance of teamwork includes fascinating insights into cases and situations where a life can depend on the ability of colleagues to work together as a team.

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