Robert Peng

Qigong Master

A nationally renowned Qigong healer and teacher, Robert Peng is one of the few Qigong masters in the world who generates Qi energy with a power like electrical charge.

Born in China, Robert Peng embarked upon a gruelling ten-year apprenticeship which included fasting for three months in a darkened monastery as he learnt how to control his energy and increase his powers of visualisation.

In 1993, the then Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke went to see Robert Peng. He was so impressed with Robert’s treatment, he sent his daughter Sue, who had suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for nine years, to see Robert in China. After seven weeks of treatment, Sue recovered completely. Enormously grateful for regaining her health, Sue invited Robert to establish a clinic in Australia.

Since then, Robert Peng has been sharing his knowledge with thousands of people through private consultations, workshops and seminars in both Australia and the US, fulfilling the dying wish of his own Master – to take Qigong outside of China to the West.

Practised by numerous companies in China, Qigong is known to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase awareness of the body’s needs in relation to diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle, and to enhance an individual’s sense of well-being.

Robert Peng talks about:

Keynote Address – An entertaining and informative introduction to Qigong and its benefits to business.  Includes a spectacular demonstration of Qigong power and the opportunity for volunteers to experience Qi through Robert’s powerful hands.

Qigong Workshop – Tailored to client needs, workshops range from 1.5 to 3 hours.  Explaining the origins of Qigong and providing demonstrations, Robert teaches simple 1-8 minute exercises that performed daily will increase concentration, energy and productivity.

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