Robert Gerrish

Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert and Keynote Speaker

Robert Gerrish is an expert on small business marketing, an author, a keynote speaker and facilitator. Having established, grown and sold successful marketing, design and consulting businesses both in the United Kingdom and Australia, he provides invaluable advice to support individuals who are starting, growing, fine-tuning or exiting their business.

Robert’s relaxed, jargon-free presentation style encourages audience interaction and inclusion.

More about Robert Gerrish:

Robert Gerrish established a marketing and design business in London, which he sold to Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising before relocating to Sydney in the mid 90s in search of a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle. Once settled in Australia he worked as the general manager of a large design group before setting out on his own as a consultant and coach to small creative companies.

The second person in Australasia to achieve Professional Certified Coach accreditation from the International Coach Federation, Robert was at the centre of an ABC Four Corners program on new work practices. No sooner had the program aired than his small business went into growth mode and any idea of a more relaxed lifestyle went out the window.

Having acquired a swathe of new clients, Robert recognised those who got the most value from his work and brought him the most joy – individuals looking to create sharp, solo, lifestyle-led businesses. He registered the name ‘Flying Solo’ and set about focusing on this target market. Within what seemed liked weeks, Robert had a rapidly growing newsletter list, a publishing contract that led to his first Australian bestseller, Flying Solo, a regular column in The Telegraph and endless speaking engagements.

Soon after, with a small band of fellow soloists Robert began creating Australia’s largest and liveliest community of Australian freelancers and entrepreneurs, attracting a membership of well over 120,000 before selling the business in late 2017 to David Koch’s Pinstripe Media.

Today Robert is back working solo, helping entrepreneurs of all ages – many in the ‘creative industries’ – to demystify the process of creating or rejuvenating smart, lifestyle-led enterprises. Alongside his latest bestseller, The 1-Minute Commute, he hosts a series of podcasts including: “The Business of Bookkeeping” (for First Class Accounts), “The Flying Solo Podcast” and his own “Mellow Brick Road” a show that explores creative approaches to business.

An experienced keynote speaker, interviewer and roundtable discussion host, Robert has delivered countless keynotes at small business conferences and events, for audiences that include financial planners, bookkeepers and accountants, automotive franchisees, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, designers/architects/writers and others in the creative services industries, health practitioners, fitness professionals, and professional organisers. He has also appeared at numerous regional Business Enterprise Centres and Business Chambers.

Robert has been a commentator on ABC Four Corners, A Current Affair, Sky Business, Fairfax Digital and numerous regional and national radio programs.

Robert Gerrish speaks about:

Robert’s presentations are constantly updated and tailored for small business success. Topics include:

The language of leads – How to talk powerfully about your work and use online and offline networking as an effective tool in your marketing activity. Specific topics covered include:

  • Working out who ‘gives a damn’ and how to get their attention
  • Recognising the signals your customers are giving you
  • Understanding the path people take to become supporters
  • The value and design of a statement that talks meaningfully about what you do
  • How to turn your networks into a promotional team for your business
  • A new way to view the power of networking

The presentation concludes with a simple tool that each person can apply to their business and an action plan to start the ball rolling.

Work less. Achieve more – Overwhelm is a growing burden in the workplace, with so much constantly coming at us, demanding our attention. Alongside a growing sense that we have to wear ‘too many hats’ and with distractions from social media and messaging apps messing with our focus, it can be difficult to get the right things done. Full of practical tips, recent research and insights, this talk leaves the audience with a new way to approach each day and with actionable steps to get more done in less time. This talk is ideal for delegates at the start or close of a content-rich conference, to the start or close of a new year, or indeed the launch of a new strategy or project.

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