Richard Field

Safari Guide, Speaker & Photographer

Richard Field is regarded as one of Africa’s finest safari guides who also has the distinction of being one of the few people who’ve been mauled by an angry lion and lived to tell the tale.

In April 1999, while working as a photographic safari guide in a wild and remote corner of Africa, Richard was badly wounded, both physically and emotionally, when a lion bit him on the back of the head and he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to die. The quick thinking of his safari clients saved his life and Richard was evacuated to a hospital over a thousand kilometres away.

While recovering in hospital, Richard pondered his lucky escape, but instead of feeling grateful he was scared, angry and embarrassed; he felt he was the victim of a vicious attack by a rogue lioness. Later, a chance meeting forced him to take full responsibility for the experience, changing his perspective and his life, and ultimately allowing him to continue his dream life as a safari guide.

Richard talks about this life-changing encounter in his powerful keynote ‘Blaming the Lion’ which reinforces the pivotal role that personal responsibility plays in successful leadership. Using stories from his guiding career, Richard provides great insight on the fundamentals of humble and inclusive leadership, and shows that with passion and determination, anyone can be a successful leader.

Richard is an engaging and compelling speaker, whose clients include number of international and local corporations, community groups and clubs.

Richard was born in South Africa, and ever since he can remember he has been madly passionate about Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas. By the time he was five he had already decided that he wanted to work as a safari guide. Despite being schooled in Sydney, he was able him to hold onto his dream.

At age 16 he spent two months doing work experience with an Anti Poaching unit in South Africa, and at 19 he took time off university and spent 6 months doing work experience in Botswana. These experiences merely confirmed that the safari life was for him and immediately after graduating from Macquarie University in Sydney, he and his partner Rebecca left for a life in Africa.

The next 10 years were spent living and working in some of the wildest and most beautiful parts of Africa. The majority of that time was spent working as a mobile safari guide in northern Botswana – a place that he still calls home. He has also spent a significant amount of time guiding safaris through East Africa and is passionate about the expansive wilderness areas that can still be found there.

Richard is also an accomplished nature and wildlife photographer, having exhibited several times in Australia. He is actively involved in African conservation and donates a percentage of his talks to organisations focusing on the protection of rhinos, elephants and lions.

Richard now divides his time between Australia and Africa. As well as his speaking engagements, Richard also tailors exceptional African safari experiences for couples, families and small groups and guides a number of safaris back to Africa each year.

Richard Field talks about:

‘Blaming the Lion – Discovering the Power of Personal Responsibility’ – Everyone has their own ‘lion’. Everyone has some excuse, justification or story that is holding them back. Richard’s keynote will challenge you to look for the ‘lion’ in your life and inspire you to take responsibility for your own success.

Richard shares the five key steps that will totally motivate your team:

  • The affects and impact of ‘blaming the lion’ on you and others around you
  • All the incredible and immediate benefits of taking responsibility
  • Accept the absolute truth, not just the bits you want to believe
  • Acknowledge the sticking points that are holding you back
  • Understanding that it starts with you and it can start now

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