Richard Field

Keynote Speaker, Leadership Facilitator and Acclaimed African Safari Guide

Richard Field is an acclaimed African safari guide and international keynote speaker.

Whilst guiding people through the wilds of Africa, he has had a range of phenomenally rich and diverse experiences. These have led him on a personal quest to discover the core, universal elements of successful leadership in complex and dynamic environments.

Through this come fascinating and highly engaging stories and insights that are immediately relevant to anyone wishing to better understand how to build cohesive, focused and self-motivated teams.

Richard has a natural ability to draw audiences into the foreign and dangerous environments he is so familiar with. His exceptional capacity to clearly establish relevance makes him one of the most exciting new voices on the global speaking stage.

In addition to his keynotes (‘Leadership Lessons from a Lion’ and ‘Guiding Lights’), Richard facilitates half day workshops and simulated adventures (Explore the Okavango), which allow for greater immersion and participation.

Richard is passionate about Africa’s wild animals and places. He donates 10% of his speaking fees to specific programs that aid the conservation of lions, elephants and rhinos.

Richard Field talks about:

Embracing the Lion
You can’t change what has happened in your life, but you can decide how you move forward.  Learning how to embrace your own ‘lion’ will change your life forever.

Guiding Lights
Explore three core leadership tools that have become the ‘guiding lights’ while on safari. The principles of effective leadership are consistent across all industries and areas of life.

The Mandela Project
Coming in April 2016 – Delivers Mandela’s principles into our everyday lives. Distilling the key elements of leadership into 5 factors.

Explore the Okavango
How do we succeed when the environment is shifting beneath our feet? ‘Explore the Okavango’ is a program that pushes individuals and teams outside their comfort zone in a simulated adventure.

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