Richard Aedy

Broadcaster, MC, speaker & moderator

Richard Aedy presents ABC Radio National’s flagship morning program, Life Matters. As presenter, Richard talks with the main people behind our social policies-from workplace reform to education, health, family relationships, and social change.

A practical and down to earth character, Richard Aedy is a broadcaster with his finger on the pulse of society, an amazing ability to make people feel comfortable in the least comfortable situations and an impressive ability to draw people out on their ideas, perspectives and feelings. These rare talents make Richard Aedy the perfect choice as MC, mediator or speaker for your next corporate event, seminar or workshop series.

About Richard Aedy:

Richard Aedy grew up in Sydney and Canberra, and following his schooling, moved to New Zealand to study a Diploma in Journalism. He began his career across the Tasman with Independent Radio News and later Radio New Zealand before moving to the UK. Richard spent most of his five years in the UK in London where he was an award-winning program maker. He returned to Australia in 1988 and joined Radio National, firstly as executive producer of Radio Science before returning to broadcasting.

While working with Radio National, Richard has presented and produced a huge range of programs across many subject areas, all with his trademark wit, warmth and ability to connect. In 2001 he presented the technology show, The Buzz, before becoming host of the Media Report in 2005. Towards the end of that year he stood in as presenter of Life Matters after Julie McCrossin left the program. In between all that, he was invited to spend three months at Oxford University in 2004 as the ABC’s Reuters Foundation Programme Fellow-he wrote a paper on Preventing State Failure in Papua New Guinea.

Richard Aedy has a deep understanding of issues in science, technology, environmental change, health, the media, education and social issues. He is a keen observer of the political scene. As the father of two young children, he is very interested in work/life balance and believes it to be an excellent idea in theory. He tries to keep fit, is not allowed to watch enough sport and has lately discovered that his wife has a list of things that need doing in the garden.

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