Rhondalynn Korolak

Acclaimed business accelerator and transformation specialist

Rhondalynn Korolak is one of Australia’s most respected authorities on personal development, peak performance and business acceleration and a dynamic and inspiring speaker on the power of communication, influence and the science of the self-image.

Her methodologies are engaging and memorable — she physically demonstrates the mind/body link and proves the power of re-writing negative conditioning, goal setting and creative visualisation. She has a natural ability to motivate, lead and empower others to unlock and achieve their full potential.

Combining intellect, intuition, innovation, insight and integrity, her work reveals the limitless possibilities that are made available when you connect with the infinite resourcefulness of the subconscious mind. Rhondalynn believes that you can BE, DO and HAVE anything you set your mind to.

Rhondalynn speaks regularly to thousands of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, senior executives, franchisees, sporting clubs and industry association members on the principles of success, sustained motivation, leadership and the science of the mind.

Her presentations are a powerful mix of science, fact and thought provoking anecdotes while her expertise, eloquence and captivating presentation style keep audiences mesmerised from start to finish.

Her CV features an impressive list of accomplishments in senior executive positions with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Max Factor, Covergirl, Village Cinemas Australia, FlyBuys and Coles Group Ltd. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne & sits on the marketing committee of the South Melbourne Business Association.

As an entrepreneur, Rhondalynn founded Imagineering Unlimited in 2007 to serve the growing demand for customized training, consulting and results coaching solutions based on leading edge, scientifically proven technologies.

Rhondalynn has been featured in national business publications in North America and is the author of the acclaimed book On The Shoulders Of Giants. Based on her struggle to rebuild her own life after a senseless tragedy, Rhondalynn brilliantly demonstrates how to make profound shifts in life, work, finances, health, relationships and more. It is a story of how we can all use the wisdom and guidance of others (whether they be intellectual giants or everyday heroes) to help us through life’s hardest times.

She is also a featured author for MYOB, Nationwide Networking and several online Ezines.

Rhondalynn holds degrees and professional designations in both law and chartered accounting and is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Thought Field Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Rhondalynn Korolak talks about:

  • Imagineering Forward – developing the mindset to prosper in uncertain economic times
  • Imagineering Your Future – harness the goal seeking mechanism that is your mind!
  • Imagineering Your Success – how to unlock the potential of your mind and achieve the life of your dreams
  • Imagineering Loyalty – a straightforward guide to building a staff and customer centric business
  • Small Business Survivor- why some small businesses fail and how to make yours a success
  • Permanent Positive Attitude – how to develop a positive attitude that you can depend on
  • Imagineering Sales – the keys to develop a high performance sales team
  • Imagineering Cashflow – proven techniques to unlock incremental cashflow NOW!
  • Imagineering Profit – increase the bottom line of your business today – quickly and easily!
  • 33 Ways to Guide Yourself to Greatness – there is no ‘secret’, it’s ALL in your mind Rhondalynn can also tailor a presentation to meet your specific needs.

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