Professor Arnold Dix

Lawyer, Scientist, Professor of Engineering & Keynote Speaker

Arnold Dix’s unwavering bravery, steady hand, and expertise in handling critical situations undoubtedly greatly contributed to saving all of the 41 lives at risk in the Silkyara-Bardot Tunnel collapse in November/December 2023 in India. Arnold’s selfless volunteer efforts, and unwavering commitment to the rescue mission has seen him heralded as a hero around the world.

Described as ‘the tunnel guy’ who does anything and everything that is complex with tunnels, Professor Dix was contacted by the Chief Engineer of India and the Secretary for the Prime Minister of India asking for his help.

His actions as a member of the tunnel rescue team have not only made a significant impact on the lives of the survivors but have also instilled a sense of hope and gratitude within many communities.

Professor Arnold Dix is a lawyer and scientist (geologist) specialising in the underground. He is an Underground Disaster investigator, internationally recognized subject matter expert in fire and life safety and collapses of the underground, holding a distinguished service award from the United States for his contribution to the fire and life safety of road and rail tunnels (NFPA130 and NFPA502).  He is a member of the British Institute of Investigators. Arnold has served on the committees and working groups of the ITA, FIDIC, PIARC and NFPA for decades. He is active on all continents, a member of the specialist Underground Works Chambers, a member of the Victorian Bar and is a visiting Professor of Engineering (tunnels) Tokyo City University – he is currently the President International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association – the peak advisory body to the United Nations on all matters underground.

Arnold is convinced that the underground offers a range of adaptive and resilient solutions to most of the perils facing humanity today. Combining his formal qualifications he advocates for all things underground – with a smile on his face and an ethical eye to all matters.

His mantra – ‘It’s time the good people of the world claim the future for all peoples and our planet.  The Silkyara rescue demonstrates that almost anything is possible when we unite and be nice.’

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