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We have a wealth of great political speakers who can deliver illuminating and informative presentations at your next event.

We have politicians, political journalists, political commentators, political pundits, pollsters, protestors, power brokers, ‘colourful’ politicians, members of the party faithful as well as political historians and lecturers in politics, as well as political satirists and impersonators.

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There are federal and state politicians, serving and past, in government and in opposition, those from the Left, the Right and anywhere in between. Our speakers include former prime ministers and leaders of the opposition, ministers, state premiers, governors and governor generals. Those from the upper house, lower house, the major and minor parties as well as those whose may have retired from active public life but whose behind-the-scenes influence continues to be felt today.

Many have held key roles on both the political and corporate stage and have continued to enjoy interesting and successful lives post-politics, consulting to business and organisations or involved in charities and community organisations or business ventures.

They have an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge to share with your audience.

We can also introduce you to experienced television and radio political interviewers and presenters and the country’s most recognised and respected political journalists who can give your audience an insight into the Australian political landscape — as well as the machinations of the various political parties.

And if its world politics you want to know more about, we can help with insightful and intelligent speakers on that topic too.

Our political speakers are available for keynote speeches, business and economic conferences, seminars, panels, MC and hosting roles and as well as providing light-hearted insights into political life.

There are great political speakers on a wide range of topics including the economy, leadership, regional and global stability, defence, local and international trade, future trends, local and global events, environment, education, social reform, international relations, human rights, international security and, of course, politics.

You can expect them to be controversial and colourful, opinionated, outspoken, illuminating, challenging, authoritative, enlightening and entertaining, stimulating, thought-provoking and always interesting.

At Celebrity Speakers we know the best political speakers for your event, not only in Australia but internationally, and we can make it easy for you. We have a wealth of knowledge and can save you a great deal of time and worry.

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