Pippa Hallas

Ella Baché CEO, Keynote Speaker and Author

Pippa Hallas is the CEO of Ella Baché. Pippa opens up about the journey, legacy and lessons behind one of Australia’s most iconic female led brands. The disruptions, the innovations, the mistakes and the risks and what it really takes to successfully steer an 80 year old business into a radically new world.

Ella Baché is a respected skin care brand revered across the country. You may think you know its story, but there’s so much more to this brand than meets the eye. Because it all started with one woman, a pot of wax and the decision to bare it all in the foyer of David Jones.

More about Pippa Hallas:

In a world of constant change, ground breaking technology, of unprecedented transparency and unrivaled customer expectation, we need a new approach to leading our organisations and our teams.

One that marries the learnings of the past, with a clear vision of the future. One that embraces mistakes and then uses them to inform decisions. One that breaks the mould. It’s time to get bold.

80 years after Madame Baché dared to wax her legs in one of Australia’s most loved stores, in a bid to get her products stocked, a lot has changed at Ella Baché. Yet some things stay the same.

From the refusal to use retouching in campaigns, to the shunning of cosmetic procedures in clinics, nobody embodies ‘bold’ quite like the women of Ella Baché.

But it wasn’t easy, and nobody is perfect. Using the unvarnished truths of her grandmother’s early days in the cosmetics industry and stories from her own experience as a CEO of a 150 franchise business, Pippa’s keynote will leave staff, leaders and franchise owners ready to tackle their next phase of growth a little braver and a whole lot bolder.

Pippa is also an author and in her book “Bold Moves”, she interviews the women she admires around the bold moves that shaped their careers, their lives and some of the brands we’ve all come to know and love.

Pippa Hallas talks about:

  • How to thrive in a time of disruption
  • The key to understanding your customers
  • Harnessing the most powerful channels to spread your message
  • Ways to create longer lasting customer relationships
  • The role of technology in optimising customer engagement
  • Knowing when to adapt and when to stay true to your core offer

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