Phill Nosworthy

Global Speaker, Brand Advisor & Change Maker

Phill Nosworthy equips global leaders and brands with capacity for change. Drawing on cutting edge research and first hand insights from his extensive work with Fortune 500 companies he assists people to create businesses, brands, careers and personal life journeys that are enriched with meaning.

Phill has been described as a ‘meaning maker’, by leading brands including Microsoft and Apple who have engaged him as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist. C-suite executives, world champion athletes, globally celebrated artists and entertainers have all benefited from his teaching.

An authentic speaker, Phill Nosworthy engages audiences with his insights and keeps them entertained with his humour as he imparts compelling case studies and behavioural science research.

His powerful workshops and keynotes serve as a catalyst; inspiring and challenging audiences with conversations on leadership, personal branding, engagement and client experience.

Beyond speaking, Phill’s professional experience has encompassed sales consulting for Giorgio Armani, representing Apple as a technology in education spokesperson through the Beyond Chalk initiative, and leading new business acquisitions during his time with the award-winning behaviour change firm ChangeLabs.

In 2014, Phill founded Switch Inc. to pursue the goal of creating deeply immersive and meaningful development and branding initiatives for the world’s leading organisations.

Phill Nosworthy speaks about:

The Future of Work – In an era of technological and cultural surges that are changing the face of work for everone. Disruptive innovations are creating new industries and destroying old ones. Drawing on a two-year study of the pursuit of meaning in modern life and first hand insights from working with leading Fortune 500 companies, Phill Nosworthy will unpack:

  • What the 4th Industrial Revolution is and why it will change everything we know about work and life
  • The critical behavioural and attitudinal shifts your team will need to make today in order to thrive in this new world of work
  • Why the obsessive question of business in the coming decade will be “what is it that makes us most human?” and how this will turn old ideas of performance, productivity and collaboration upside down
  • Why meaning is emerging as the most powerful driver of engagement, fulfilment and performance in the workplace and what you can do to generate it in your teams

This session is designed to cut through the noise surrounding the future of work and give leaders and teams real insight and actionable strategies for navigating digital disruption.

The Future of Leadership – Research by Deloitte shows that two-thirds of millennials expect their job to not exist within 15 years… less than one in seven graduates today even want to work for large organisation… and within 10 years, half of all jobs will be augmented by Artificial Intelligence.

To lead for the future, we’ll need to get past the old view of what good leadership looks like – strong, decisive, certain – and embrace new leadership skills of curiosity, open-mindedness and intellectual flexibility.

In this provocative, research anchored session, Phill Nosworthy shows why, starting today, leaders of tomorrow must:

  • Understand the digital era they find themselves leading in, including the implications of future technologies
  • Hit refresh on what good leadership looks like
  • Challenge the assumptions of their teams and acquire the skillsets that support relentless innovation
  • Embrace and enhance the deeply human skills and attributes of their teams.

Profit on Purpose – Deeply integrated social strategies are no longer a nice to have, they are the price of entry in the future of branding. Research shows that 62% of consumers want to buy from a socially conscious brand, 79% of employees want to work for a socially responsible company, and one in four consumers use their purchasing habits as their way of giving back.

Organisations that integrate meaning and purpose into their DNA outperform their profit-centric competitors.

In this presentation, audiences will understand ‘selectivism’ and why your brand must answer the question: beyond making money, why does your organisation exist? Learn how to identify the unique role your brand can play in the community, and be inspired by the opportunity this presents as a bold new frontier.

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