Philip Hesketh

The Psychology of Persuasion

Philip Hesketh is an expert on the Psychology of Persuasion and Influence. A highly engaging, thought provoking presenter, he delivers powerful webinars, keynotes and facilitates workshops that deliver valuable insights into customer decision making behaviour, relationship building, effective selling and business development. On February 25th 2010 in Sydney, Philip won the award for Overseas Speaker of the Year for TEC Australia, the first time the award has been presented in seven years. He is the current holder of the award for Most Requested Speaker for Vistage in the UK.

Philip studied psychology in Newcastle (UK) and worked in the psychiatric ward of a hospital for one year before deciding to take his knowledge of how the mind works into business. He stepped into a sales role with soap powder giants, Procter & Gamble and within 18 months had become P&G’s Salesman of the Year.

About Philip Hesketh:

In 1986, Philip started his own advertising agency and took it from 0 billings to £48 million over 17 years of consecutive growth – through good economic times and bad. He then sold his business to become a full-time professional speaker on ‘The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence.’

Philip Hesketh speaks about:

All of Philip’s keynote talks are tailored to a client’s individual needs. Some require a keynote speaker with some useful ‘nuggets’ and humorous tales about the psychology of selling. Others need a more specific presentation to several hundred people at an annual business conference, where the aim is to teach them something as well as to entertain.

Although every keynote presentation is highly tailored, each one has at its base the psychology of persuasion and how to develop your business and increase sales. In addition, Philip has a wealth of material from which clients can select like pizza toppings, adding their own personal preferences to make the programme individual to their company and its objectives. Here are some examples of Philip’s recent keynote speeches and workshops.

Keynote Presentations

How to sell in a recession – Converting sales and getting people out of a negative thought spiral is now key to all businesses. Learn from the man who turned prospects into valued clients through a recession. Hear from the man who did it and has all the T shirts. A Masterclass; not only in how to turn a business relationship into a partnership in trying times, but also in motivation. An inspiring key note with ‘Can use tomorrow’ tips to improve ‘Business Development’.

The 42 minute MBA in Charm – The five keys to persuasion, the four ingredients to ‘Intellectual Trust’, the three components in every conversation, the two secrets to happiness and the single most important thing to do if you want to be build trust and credibility. All in 42 minutes.

How to Hold High Prices – An increasingly popular keynote speech on how and why people pay a premium, and how to make them feel good about paying a high price. An amusing keynote talk with wry observations on Business Class travel, luxury goods and premium brands with a thought provoking observation on the concept of ‘WIN-WIN’. This Key Note talk is guaranteed to leave audiences with a more purposeful and practical view on business relationships.

The Good-to-Great Graduation – The only thing that is constant is change. A challenging but highly amusing look at what happened to The Roman Empire, Marks & Spencer, Gerald Ratner and The Beatles ~ and what companies and individuals need to do to ensure they move from Good-to-Great.

In House Courses

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence – how to develop relationships – This highly interactive one or two day programme provides delegates at all levels, ages and range of experience with real, ‘can-use-tomorrow’ techniques to be more persuasive and influential in developing new business.

How to win business by understanding what clients really, really want – From finding and meeting the potential client or customer to developing trust and ‘likeability’ so that when the ‘pitch’ comes you are ahead of the competition.

Presentation Skills – As part of the 100 days that Philip speaks on The Psychology of Persuasion he runs a maximum of ten in-house days on how to be a better presenter. These are highly interactive one or two day programmes for up to eight people. Whether for one-to-one presentations or learning the skills to speak to 200+, whether with or without PowerPoint, this is the best One-day presentation skills course you will ever attend.

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