Phil Jauncey

Leading sports and performance psychologist, keynote speaker

Dr Phil Jauncey is one of Australia’s leading sports psychologists and performance psychologists. He works with Australian and international representative sports teams, elite sportspeople, successful corporates and families.

Phil has been a sports psychologist to the Australian team at three Olympic Games. He has also been engaged by super coach Wayne Bennett to work with key team players.

Dr Phil Jauncey facilitates corporate workshops, educates staff and managers, and mentors clients for personal success.

A dynamic presenter, Phil is in demand as a keynote speaker throughout Australia and internationally. He is regularly asked to speak about parenting and counselling.

About Dr Phil Jauncey:

Dr Phil Jauncey is a registered psychologist and has four degrees: B.A., B.D., Masters and Doctorate in Counselling and Educational Psychology. He has lectured at Mt Gravatt CAE (now Griffith University), QUT (where he was voted the “Outstanding Lecturer of the Year in 1990) and the University of Queensland in areas such as educational psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, counselling, marketing and multicultural psychology.

In the corporate world, Phil’s expertise in language and social science resulted in his being appointed advertising and promotions manager at Dreamworld in 1988 and then marketing and educational specialist for Mincom from 1988 to 1990. He has also developed methods to improve advertising for both television and radio.

In 1991 Phil became an independent consultant, working in the areas of business, sport, education and counselling. He conducts in-house workshops for companies in staff evaluation, understanding self, sales, marketing strategy and change management. He has ongoing consultancies to develop self-awareness and relationship skills for staff members and enhance problem-solving and people management skills for managers. His workshops are interactive and designed to help clients develop their own skills.

Dr Phil Jauncey’s corporate clients include PricewaterhouseCoopers, EDi, St George Bank, NAB, Bank of South Australia, Suncorp, ANZ, Westpac, KPMG, Vale, Incitec, Consolidated Rutile, Henzells Real Estate, Ray White Real Estate, L.J.Hooker, Wallace Bishop, Hardy Bros, Austereo, Education Queensland, Queensland Health, Queensland Treasury, Xstrata, Aviva and AgForce. Phil is an accredited educator with various government departments.

Phil is sports psychologist with the Australian Baseball team and the Bangladesh Cricket team. He was the psychologist with the Queensland Bulls Cricket team for 20 years. He was mental skills coach with the Brisbane Lions AFL team from 1994 until 2008 and sports psychologist with the Brisbane Broncos NRL team from 1993 for 15 years. He is also an on-call advisor with the Queensland Academy of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport, and has worked with various international athletes across a variety of sports. He was a psychological consultant to the Australian Cricket Team from 1996-2008. He was also an attending sports psychologist at the Barcelona 1992 (Roller Hockey), Sydney 2000 (Baseball, Softball and Beach Volleyball) and Athens 2004 (Baseball, Diving and coordinating psychologist for the Australian team) Olympic Games. Phil conducts workshops for junior coaches, parents and umpires, based on the same principles he uses in his corporate work.

Phil has been applying his techniques with tertiary actors in training, a number of whom have since gained success in the Australian and US television markets. He helps lecturers at a tertiary institution to enhance their presentation skills when dealing with international corporations. He has also conducted one-on-one sessions with musicians to enhance their performance technique and is currently working with students at the Australian National Academy of Music to enhance performance.

Phil also talks to principals, teaching staff, support staff, parents and students on learning strategies, effective management of themselves and others, successful relationships, handling stress, coping with change and creating enhanced learning environments.

His books include Understanding Ourselves and Others (2nd edition, 2010) – a layman’s guide to self-awareness and improvement), Managing Yourself and Others (2003) – Techniques for successful management, and the ebook The Power of Positive Doing: A Practical Approach to Performance Psychology.

Dr Phil Jauncey talks about:

  • Understanding Ourselves and Others – helps people understand the differences between themselves and those around them
  • Management Education – introduces effective ways to manage staff, and ensure they take responsibility for their role and their actions
  • The Power of Positive Doing – gives participants an understanding of the difference between positive thinking and positive doing, and why action is so important
  • Changing Behaviour – discusses what real behavioural change requires and whether the focus of that change should be directed at self or others
  • Excuses are for Losers – explores why people make excuses and how that impacts on the individuals and those around them
  • Goal Setting – helps clients gain focus and direction and ensure they understand the principle of goal setting and goal getting.

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