Peter Webb

The Power of Conscious Intention

Peter Webb is a presenter and executive coach dedicated to helping individuals and corporations create effective change in the work place by enhancing the power of their conscious intention.

An exponent of the emerging ‘business consciousness movement’, Peter Webb draws from the fields of economics, psychology, social anthropology, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), and complexity theory.

Drawing on new discoveries in biology, chaos theory, and quantum physics Peter Webb encourages and inspires dynamic, innovative, outcome-focused change in people and teams through the skills of inspirational chaos, showing clients how to permanently enhance personal and organisational effectiveness.

Peter Webb has successfully coached managers, senior managers, and executive managers to achieve a recognized lift in their interpersonal, managerial and leadership competencies. His clients have included Estée Lauder (Australia) Ltd, La Prairie (Juvena) Australia Ltd, the Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank Ltd, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Peter Webb is a registered Psychologist with degrees in Economics and Organisational Psychology, and he is a graduate of the University of Sydney’s evidenced-based Coaching Psychology program (2001) emphasising a solution-focused, systematic process for enhancing the performance of individuals.

Peter Webb has engaged in a range of HR assignments including organisation development, management training, psychometric testing and selection, and work and salary evaluation for industrial companies such as Agnew Mining Co (WA) Ltd., MIM Holdings (QLD) Ltd, and the Queensland Electricity Generating Board.

After 17 years in private practice as a psychologist and naturopathic physician, and 6 years consulting to natural medicine manufacturers, Peter Webb became one of Australia’s foremost educators in nutritional medicine with many industry publications and contributions to technical newsletters to his name. At the Fifth International Symposium in Functional Medicine, in 1999, he was acknowledged as, ‘a pioneer in Functional Medicine in Australia’ by Dr. Jeff Bland.

Peter Webb has traveled extensively in North America since 1998, attending conferences and workshops on functional medicine, and the psychology of health, immunity and disease. His presentations include ‘The Intentional Leadership Forum’, ‘Minding the Body, Reviving the Spirit’, and ‘Stressed for Success.’

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