Paul Mitchell

Professional Development Coach, Facilitator and Keyshop' Presenter

Paul Mitchell believes great enterprises can still be truly human. Paul balances research and theory with insights and relevant examples to inspire leaders to take responsibility for themselves in life and in business, and to achieve the best results possible in both arenas. With a background in psychology, education and business, he is one of the most trusted mentors for senior leaders across the Asia-Pacific.

Paul has delivered leadership coaching services, development programmes, facilitation, and keynotes to over 15,000 leaders in more than fifteen countries.

More about Paul Mitchell:

Paul has a Bachelor’s in Social Science, a Master of Arts in Psychology, and a Diploma of Education. He is the managing director and founder of the human enterprise, a founding member of The Interest Group in Coaching Psychology in Australia, and a certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach. His charity of choice is Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia, where he served as a NSW advisory board member for over six years; he continues to provide pro bono leadership development services.

Paul Mitchell balances energy and motivation with powerful, memorable content. His keynotes are not just presentations, they are mini-workshops, in fact, he’s even trademarked the term ‘keyshops’. Every presentation is 1.5 hrs long with a mixture of content, consolidation exercises and a ‘take home’ plan to help with integration back in the workplace. All are designed to help your people lead with greater authenticity, energy and impact. Your audience will do more than just dutifully listen. They’ll be transfixed and transformed.

Paul Mitchell speaks about:

The energy edge: leaders are the stewards of organisational energy – Brilliant leaders know how to skilfully use their energy to get things done and inspire others to do the same. But how do you maintain the energy levels required to lead day after day, year after year? The Energy Edge is about the proven practices needed to build energy and capacity into your daily business and personal life despite the tsunami of change taking place around you.

Taking a leadership stand: getting full engagement is too big a job for senior management alone – This powerful and insightful keynote is designed for audiences made up of representatives from all levels of your organisation – ‘top’, ‘middle’, bottom’, even your clients and ‘customers’. It shines a light on these ‘worlds’ that exist at each level in your organisation and creates the understanding necessary for each person, regardless of title or rank, to build better partnerships with everyone they work with – the key to great engagement.

Illumination: How your leadership shadow is the key to your success – Your leadership shadow is the part of you that determines how much personal and professional success you will have as a leader. It’s the things about yourself you don’t see, can’t see, or see and don’t admit to. It’s the part of yourself you haven’t yet owned or claimed as your own.

When you hide these parts, it slowly erodes your self-esteem, your energy and your full self- expression. When you lose access to these parts, it first shows up in your internal world as shame or feelings of unworthiness, and then in your external world, creating limits on your behavioural repertoire and all you can achieve. Paul teaches how to identify, understand and integrate your shadow.

What is authentic leadership and why should you care – When business results depend on leading others, it helps to understand what followers need. Successful leaders remain true to who they are, while simultaneously modifying their behaviour to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter. They are able to be “more of themselves with skill”. Drawing from the research of Professors Goffee and Jones from the London Business School, this compelling keynote presentation challenges audiences to consider their own authentic approach to leadership and learn the essential leadership practices required to excite their followers to exceptional performance.

Why feedback is everyone’s business – Feedback really is the breakfast of champions. Without it, we will never truly understand the way we are perceived by others or gain the distinctions needed to go to the next level. Paul explain why feedback is important and how to move from a “N.I.C.E. Culture”, where no one gives tough feedback, to a “R.E.A.L. Culture”, where we proactively seek it.

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