Paul Hockey

Everest is part of my story

Paul Hockey made history by being the first person with a disability to stand on the summit of Mount Everest, having climbed from the North Side.

Paul Hockey lost his right arm to cancer when he was just three weeks old. His mother, father, stepfather and an aunt died as a result of this insidious disease. Faced with this incredible family history, Paul has long been motivated to increase awareness of cancer and raise money for cancer research.

A powerful corporate and after-dinner speaker, Paul speaks sincerely, passionately and from the heart about his experiences as he spreads his core message: “Never give up … never ever give up!!!” Paul’s talks are also in high demand with schools and sporting groups.

“I want to set an example that anyone can do anything if they have a good attitude,” says Paul. “It does not matter if they have a disability.”

Paul’s passionate and entertaining story of self-belief and persistence against the odds resonates with his audience and fills them with inspiration to achieve their very best.

About Paul Hockey:

Paul Hockey’s determination to achieve, in spite of his disability, was obvious early on when he studied various martial arts aged just eight. He now has three black belts in two different styles of martial art. He spent three years teaching English in Japan and 12 years as a Japanese-speaking tour guide.

Paul’s personal goal was to be the first one-armed person to summit Mount Everest – and again, against the odds, he did it. His first attempt at climbing Everest was dramatically cut short 200 metres from the summit when he ran out of time and oxygen. Paul returned to Everest a year later in June 2005, and realised his dream. However, on descending, two of his fellow climbers died due to high-altitude sickness. With Paul coughing blood, his other climbing companions believed he would be the third to die. Since summiting Everest, Paul has climbed in New Zealand and South America. He has climbed Mt Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere.

Paul Hockey talks about:

  • Motivation – How to develop a positive attitude using a wide range of philosophies and techniques. Paul will take your audience to death’s door and back using his climbs (in particular, his attempts on Mt Everest) as the model.
  • Inspiration – Using his life experiences as a martial arts expert and mountain climber, Paul has inspired thousands to “get up and into it.” Impossible is just an opinion, not a fact. Paul lives by his motto, which is “Never give up…never ever give up!”
  • Adventure/Outdoor – Paul spent 12 years with Japanese tourists snorkelling, diving, bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving and hiking. He has climbed in the NZ Alps, the Andes and the Himalayas. Corporate groups often implement programs using Paul’s philosophies and his summiting of Everest as their simulated model.
  • Disability – Paul has never considered himself disabled. He believes that not only can people with disabilities rise to the greatest heights and realise their dreams, they can also help their peers discover the power and freedom of participation in sport and recreational activities. He is also in a position to help the able-bodied better understand the disabled.

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