Paul Hanna

Leading motivational speaker, best-selling motivational author

Paul Hanna is one of Australia’s leading motivational speakers on developing potential in individuals and organisations.

‘First you have to believe, then you can achieve.’ Paul’s dynamic but down-to-earth style and effective techniques challenge individuals and organisations to lift their expectations and achieve goals they previously thought unobtainable. By showing how easily they can become caught in their Comfort Zone, Paul provides practical tools and techniques to empower audiences to seek their next level of success.

One of the main reasons for Paul’s success is his ability to relate to audiences of all ages and at all levels, always delivering his message clearly and without hype.

Paul’s presentations include the power of focus and goal setting, how commitment and perseverance build tenacity, accountability for performance, setbacks as the stepping stone to success, letting go of past mistakes and how to take self-esteem to the next level.

Clients who have engaged Paul to challenge their organisation read like a who’s who of international business. McDonalds Australia and New Zealand have had more than 20,000 of their people attend his programs, as has Australia’s largest employer, the Coles Group (Target, Myer and K Mart). Holden and Toyota have between them also had more than 20,000 dealers, management and staff listen to what Paul Hanna has to say.

More about Paul Hanna:

Paul Hanna is living proof that anyone can achieve their dreams. He was fourteen when his father died and sixteen when he left school having failed English.

In February 2002, Paul was presented with a challenge of a different kind. While enjoying his passion for bushwalking, Paul fell three stories down the cliff face, landing unconscious on the rocks below. Having broken his back in three places and smashed his wrist, Paul was rescued by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and airlifted to Royal North Shore Hospital, where doctors feared he would become a quadriplegic. He spent the next month recovering in hospital and the following year slowly learning to walk again. Showing the determination which exemplifies his attitude to life, Paul beat his crushing injuries to return to his passion of speaking, writing and coaching.

Paul is the author or several best-selling books including You Can Do It!, Believe and Achieve!, You Can Sell It, The Success Motivator, The Sale Motivator and Don’t Give Up, about the setbacks he has overcome.

Paul Hanna talks about:

Breaking outdated beliefs of ourselves and our business – i.e. that’s the way its always been done.

Attitude determines altitude – Using an A380 as an example, Paul shows how to re-set our own auto-pilot so we can start to fly higher. When we start to fly at a higher cruising altitude, we see things clearer, the ride is a lot smoother and we fly faster… just like an A380.

Self-Esteem Bank Account and its connection to Customer Service – When we start to work on filling our personal self-esteem bank account, we treat our fellow workers with respect, our customer service goes through the roof and all those little dramas in life start to fade away … but the most important point is this: we can’t give away something that we don’t have. So to lift customer service to a whole new level, we have to start lifting the self-esteem of each and every employee. When they feel amazing, they will give amazing customer service. This is Paul’s most popular topic.

Goal setting, focus and vision – Many people are trying to put the pieces of their life and business together, but haven’t really got a clear vision of where they are heading. Through goal setting, we create a clear vision, and it’s then that the pieces fall in place. … luck is the crossroad of opportunity and preparation. This presentation is also very powerful for businesses and sales people who have reached a major milestone but have run out of puff. Paul shows how to regain the focus and energy that created the success the first time around.

Persistence beats resistance! – Paul gives examples of people who pushed through major obstacles to achieve success.

Paul also speaks about:

• How to handle objections and get the sale

• The link between perseverance and getting deals over the line.

• Upsizing … would you like fries with that … where are we stopping short of delivering the ‘fries’ in our business?

• Closing every deal … and stop working for the competition … when we do all the hard work but don’t close the sale, we are in effect working for the competition.

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