Paul Francis

Leadership Expert, Business Transformer, Ironman & Keynote Speaker

Paul is an Award-winning leader with a wealth of experience at Senior Executive and Board level who is well regarded throughout the business environment, particularly in Financial Services. His leadership abilities are widely recognised and reflected by “The Professional Manager of the Year Award” for both Toowoomba, and Queensland, by the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).

Paul’s inspirational leadership and mentoring has been key to developing many people who have grown their skills and careers as a result of the energy, example and alignment with goals that Paul lives and teaches.

Paul is a highly regarded keynote speaker in his own right and has also designed, run and spoken at highly successful internal sales leadership conferences in addition to speaking at many other organisations, and industry Conferences.

As a Sales Leader Paul has a record of driving the highest standard of performance through sound structure, measurement, review, and accountability. This was achieved by forging a sales culture that whilst produced the highest level of results, was based on values, integrity, and ensuring that the needs of customers was the key desired outcome.

Throughout his career Paul has a record of developing, growing, and shaping business units. This includes physical distribution, Branch transformation, creation of Third-party Distribution (including Mortgage Broker), development of Contact Centre operations including voice, and digital), Business Banking services, and the building from inception a Financial Planning business, and its subsequent sale on favourable terms.

Paul is acknowledged for his integrity, ability to achieve outcomes, high energy, and his ability to quickly grasp issues, provide good insight, and find solutions without ever over complicating the situation.

Paul has the desire, business acumen, and passion to assist organisations, and people within them to review key issues and provide advice, recommendations, and tailored solutions for them.

Recently Paul has co-authored a book, “The Leadership Question” with a former colleague.

Paul also has a passion for health and fitness, a competitive age group triathlete having completed 20 full Ironman Triathlons, including the famed World Championship in Kona Hawaii.

Paul Francis speaks about:

Paul is an engaging speaker who can tailor his presentation to your Conference theme around leadership, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, all in an entertaining and authentic way.

The many lessons and experiences Paul has learned through both business, and his Ironman hobby, are sure to resonate with your audience.

  • The secrets of success
  • Face your fears
  • No opportunity wasted
  • Make It matter
  • No limits
  • Write your own story
  • It’s your time to shine

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