Patsy Tierney

World Aerobic Champion

Patsy Tierney is a 2 time World Aerobic Champion, 7 Times Australian Aerobic Champion, former Ms Fitness Australasia and current Australian Team Coach. Undefeated for five years, she won a string of International Titles, including the 1998 World Cup in Tokyo and the Professional World Championships in Sao Paula, Brazil.

Before becoming World Number 1, Patsy Tierney claimed for Australia an amazing five silver medals at World Titles, missing gold by only half a point on two occasions. Although this would be enough to force most athletes to give up, Patsy instead learnt to use this disappointment to fuel her motivation and training. Her perseverance was rewarded in 1998 when she won Gold at the coveted Suzuki World Cup in Tokyo.

Training four to five hours per day, six days per week, for a routine that lasted less than two minutes, Patsy Tierney certainly knows the meaning of dedication and commitment. Her gruelling schedule included running and sprint work, gymnastics, weight training, flexibility, anaerobic sessions and one-arm push-up training. Her coaches loaded weight plates on her back for push-ups, tied sand bags to her ankles for rope climb and helped her break through the pain threshold on the dreaded ‘versa-climber’.

Patsy Tierney is one of the most persistent (and fittest) people you will ever meet. In a sport which, despite the on stage glitz and glamour, demands that its athletes constantly push their bodies beyond normal limits, Patsy stayed number one through a simple philosophy of never giving in. Her strong message is about the importance of persistence in pursuing our goals.

Currently Patsy Tierney is the Australian Sport Aerobic Team coach. Her athletes, lead by her own example, have gone on to claim numerous medals at International competitions. She is personal coach and choreographer to the current World number one, Lauren Farrey. Recognised as one of the top sport aerobic choreographers in the world, athletes from all countries make the long journey to Australia every year for her award winning routines.

In her final year of a law degree Patsy Tierney continues to show the same commitment and dedication to achieving a high standard in whatever she does. Patsy continues to work in the fitness industry, teaching 14 guest classes per week, encouraging others to reach their own goals in health and fitness.

Patsy was previously named in┬áCosmopolitan Magazine’s┬álist of Top 30 most successful people under 30.

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