Patrick McCarville

Director, Irish Whiskey Bureau

Patrick McCarville was born in Dublin, survived an Irish upbringing in the company of such as Brendan Behan and went on to begin a journalistic career with the Irish Times in 1955.

Patrick McCarville later took to the stage, working in Dublin Theatre in a wide rang of productions and breaking into English television with roles in The Avengers, Z Cars, Softly Softly and Emergency Ward 10 among others.

With his experience in front of the camera, Patrick McCarville was a natural for television journalism and in the late sixties he joined NBC News as a foreign correspondent. During that year he covered the Six Day War, the British evacuation of Aden and the Mercenary action in the Congo for the Huntly Brinkly Show.

In October 1967, Patrick McCarville was on his way to an assignment in Vietnam when he stopped off to take a look at Sydney. He loved the place and decided to stay.

Director of the Irish Whiskey Information Bureau since 1987, over the last 20 years, Patrick McCarville has continued to work as a high profile actor and writer, while also concentrating on his favourite pastime of golf and whiskey tasting.

In 2001 the film The Man Who Sued God starring Billy Connolly, Judy Davis and Colin Friels was released. Based on a storyline penned by Patrick in 1963, the manuscript lay in a bottom drawer until finally optioned by producer Ben Gannon.

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