Patrick Lindsay

Our Boundaries Are Illusions

After a long career as a journalist and one of Australia’s most respected television all-rounders, Patrick Lindsay is now a best-selling author and sought-after inspirational public speaker and master of ceremonies.

In developing topics for his speeches, Patrick Lindsay draws on 30 years experience during which he has interviewed a fascinating parade of characters, from prime ministers to pop stars, sportsmen to spivs, heroes to heroin dealers.

In his speaking, Patrick Lindsay uses dramatic true stories from his personal experiences and from his work in researching and writing his best-selling books, The Spirit of Kokoda, The Spirit of The Digger, Back from the Dead and It’s Never Too late.

Prior to becoming a full-time author, Patrick Lindsay had leading roles on the Nine Network (Today, Sunday, Wide World of Sports); Seven Network (Today Tonight, Sportsworld, 2000 Olympics); and Sky News. He was a presenter on Nine’s No 1 rating infotainment programs, Sex and Money. In addition, he has reported, written and presented documentaries and feature series in Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, France, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, London, Romania and Papua New Guinea.

Patrick Lindsay’s first book, The Spirit of Kokoda, was published in 2002 and spent nine weeks on the best-sellers list. It tells the remarkable story of the young Diggers, average age 18, who saved Australia’s liberty on the Kokoda Track during WWII and why their spirit is still relevant today.

In 2003, Patrick Lindsay followed Kokoda with two more best sellers. The Spirit of The Digger explores the essence of the Australian soldier and how he differs from other soldiers. The book ended 2003 as Australia’s top-selling history book. His other book Back from the Dead, dealt with the Bali bombings through the eyes of the man who became the human face of the tragedy, Peter Hughes.

Patrick Lindsay believes in the Australian spirit and in our unique style of instinctive leadership and teamwork. He believes our boundaries are illusions and that it’s never too late to love, to learn or to change.

Patrick Lindsay is a versatile and gifted speaker who sets his audience at ease with his gentle wit and direct manner and inspires with his passion.

Patrick Lindsay talks about:

• Leadership
• Teamwork
• The Spirit of Giving
• The Spirit of Kokoda
• The Spirit of the Digger
• The Spirit of Bali
• It’s Never Too Late

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