Olly Bridge

Wellbeing and Performance Speaker

Olly Bridge, a visionary leader and a transformative force in both the athletic and corporate realms.

Through founding his business Build a Bridge in 2013, Olly has dedicated himself to helping individuals and teams unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary sustainable results.

With a career founded working with elite athletes in Formula One and Olympic Gymnastics, Olly has harnessed the power of peak performance and honed it into a dynamic methodology that extends far beyond the realm of sports.

Olly has led high-performing teams in prestigious organisations like BMW and Medibank, while also driving smaller start-ups to successful exits. This varied career, including his experience as the COO of a jointlisted ASX and NASDAQ health tech company, has equipped him with a deep understanding of the corporate landscape and the crucial balance between performance and wellbeing.

Olly has graced the stages of numerous conferences, captivating audiences with his inspiring stories, practical strategies, and unwavering passion. Drawing from his work with what he calls ‘corporate athletes’, he unveils the secrets to building high performing teams, nurturing individual wellbeing, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Olly is a catalyst for positive change, a beacon of inspiration, and a true advocate for holistic success.

Olly Speaks About

8 Keys for Sustainable Peak Performance keynote.

Delegates will learn simple and actionable daily ‘keys’ that will help them to unlock their true potential sustainably. Lessons learnt while working with elite athletes translated into simple life hacks for the corporate athlete to stop them from overtraining. Delegates will learn ‘key’ drivers of strong mental, physical and emotional health.

Create a Culture of Health & Performance

Empower your team, elevate performance: Foster a culture of health and unleash extraordinary results.

In this compelling keynote, learn how to cultivate a culture of health and performance within your organization. Discover the transformative impact of promoting employee well-being, both physically and mentally, on productivity, engagement, and overall success.

Explore strategies to integrate healthy practices, such as mindfulness, exercise, and work-life balance, into the fabric of your company’s culture. Unleash the potential of your team by creating an environment that supports personal growth, resilience, and optimal performance. Gain practical insights, real-life examples, and actionable steps to foster a culture where health and high performance thrive in harmony. Elevate your organization and achieve extraordinary results through a culture of health and well-being.

The Corporate Athlete’s Performance Pyramid workshop.

A hands-on session that treats each delegate like an elite athlete. Enabling them to replicate the tried and tested protocol to optimise their mental and physical health. Delegates will leave the session with everyday actionable habits to get the most out of life and ensure that they are the driver of their own energy rather than the passenger.

The Power of Purpose keynote

Discover your purpose, ignite your potential: Unleash the power within!

In this transformative keynote, tap into the limitless potential of purpose and its profound impact on personal and team success. Drawing inspiration from NASA’s mission-driven culture and the legendary All Blacks rugby team, uncover the power of purpose in driving excellence and resilience. Learn how aligning individual and collective purpose fuels motivation, unlocks creativity, and fosters unwavering commitment. Explore practical strategies to identify and cultivate purpose, infusing it into everyday actions and decision-making. Discover how purpose-driven teams can overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and achieve extraordinary outcomes. Embrace the transformative force of purpose, and harness it to create a legacy of greatness in every aspect of your life.

Bounce Forward from Challenging Times keynote.

In this session delegates will learn about Post Traumatic Growth. Explore simple and actionable life hacks and nudges to enable delegates, and their teams, to not just bounce back but bounce forward from challenging times.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team & How to Overcome Them workshop.

In this session delegates will answer a quick survey around the team environment that they work in and then delve into any dysfunctions that might be holding the team back from high performance. The session is built from Olly’s experience of working with high performing teams on the sport field and the boardroom.

Sleep a Performance Enhancing Substance

Unleash your potential: Harness the power of sleep, your secret performance-enhancing substance!

In this captivating keynote, discover the untapped potential of sleep as a true performance-enhancing substance. Dive into the fascinating science behind sleep and its profound impact on cognitive function, physical well-being, and overall productivity.

Learn how optimizing sleep habits can unlock peak performance, sharpen focus, ignite creativity, and boost memory retention. Explore the critical role of quality sleep in stress reduction, decision-making, and maintaining peak mental and physical health. Gain practical strategies, backed by scientific research, to optimize your sleep routine and harness its transformative benefits. Embrace the power of sleep and unleash your full potential in every aspect of your life.

Simplifying the Nutritional Nightmare

Navigate the nutritional maze: Simplify your way to optimal health and wellbeing!

Cut In this enlightening keynote, unravel the complexities of nutrition and conquer the nutritional nightmare. Discover the power of conscious eating through the principles of calorie restriction (CR), dietary restriction (DR), and time restriction (TR). Gain insights into the science-backed approaches to simplify your dietary choices, optimize nutrient intake, and achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Learn practical strategies to navigate food labels, decipher conflicting nutritional advice, and make informed choices. Explore the benefits of CR, DR, and TR in promoting longevity, preventing chronic diseases, and enhancing overall well-being. Simplify your nutritional journey and embark on a path towards a healthier, more nourished life.through all the misinformation & fads by using the latest scientific research. Focus on what and when to eat for different outcomes using Calorie reduction (CR), Dietary reduction (DR) and Time restriction (TR).

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