Nils Vesk

The quintessential 'go to' man for great money making ideas

Nils Vesk is the quintessential ‘go to’ man for creating money making ideas and energising people to turn those ideas into a reality. His philosophy is simple: ideas are useless unless we give them legs.

Nils has a broad range of experience and stunning depth of knowledge, combined with the unusual ability to deliver his messages with elegant simplicity. His expertise is as diverse as it is dynamic – from designer to presenter, from facilitator to consultant – this is a man who is a must-have addition to your business.

Nils delivers keynote presentations and runs creative training workshops for some of Australia’s leading companies.

About Nils Vesk:

Brought up in a family of PhD scientists and master engineers, Nils Vesk was encouraged to blend the logic of science and engineering with his passion for design and creativity.

He began his career as an urban designer, creating amusement parks and towns in Asia, but in the process became concerned with the wellbeing of his colleagues as they struggled to cope with highly stressful situations that were robbing them of their happiness and ability to perform. In his spare time Nils became a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and gained such intense satisfaction from helping people, that he went on to write his internationally-published book, Life’s Little Toolbox, co-host Channel Ten’s Yoga TV and released his own men’s fitness DVDs.

It wasn’t long before the corporate world discovered Nils’ ability to combine mind and body vitality with the innovative design principles needed to create valuable new products and services.

Organisations saw the value in his creative genius, energy, motivation and ability to simply communicate the ‘how to’s’ of thriving in business. Today, he is a regular on the keynote circuit – speaking to organisations that want dynamic and effective ideas to create outstanding business results.

When Nils began coaching CEOs in their creative thinking, he recognised that many great ideas are lost because of a lack of follow up. He then created a system to generate, capture and realise creative ideas. He’s worked with groups as small as two to groups as large as two thousand to improve business product, service and process.

Nils' keynotes, works as an MC and facilitates workshops on:

Ideas with legs

  • How to generate incredible ideas and innovation for your business.
  • Identify your creative state
  • Learn the 3 states of creativity that generate outstanding ideas
  • Understand the science of creative thinking
  • Turning everyday-problem solving into business success
  • Apply six quick ideation techniques to innovate

Nils’ latest keynote providing valuable tools and advice on how to come up with and make something of your ideas. Based on the upcoming book of the same name the keynote takes creative thinking and combines it with execution to help you realise those big ideas. Nils has also been delivering a number of Ideation consulting sessions that generate bankable fresh ideas whether it’s for marketing, service or product innovation.

Cool under pressure

  • How to utilise stress to get more done without burning out
  • Making decisions under pressure
  • Cognition conditioning – making your thinking work for you
  • Altering emotions for motivation
  • Fight and flight -instant stress release and recharge techniques

MC Plus

  • An MC/Facilitator who provides great energy management, fabulous intros, segues and summations


  • To lift tired audiences and create focus
  • Thought provoking questions and segues to discussion stimulating segues
  • Pre event planning assistance
  • Graphic summaries of the event drawn live on flip charts or projected live onto screen via tablet & laptop
  • Learning transfer – Follow up service delivering graphic summaries of whole event

Live it up

  • How to think right, feel right and get on with it!
  • Create energy vs. apathy
  • Achieve better goals and vision
  • Understand how to get fit without a gym
  • Learn how to utilise stress to get things done
  • How to stay pumped up without burning out
  • Eliminate faulty thinking

Hot teams

  • How to create teams that are fired up day in day out
  • Inside out -understanding the internal systems that drive individuals and teams
  • Outside in- trust and reward
  • Give it to me – the secret to achieving outcomes
  • Who’s on top- empowering teams through delegation and task sharing
  • Touch yourself – self help basics
  • Wired on stress – stress utilisation

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