Niki Ellis

Australia's Corporate Stressbuster

Professor Niki Ellis is an expert in occupational health who advises companies large and small on how to address stress in the workplace. She was appointed as the Deputy CEO of the Australian Institute of Health Workforce Innovation at the University of Queensland and Visiting Professor London South Bank University.  Niki has also been appointed occupational health and safety expert commissioner on the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission.

Professor Ellis co-developed and presented Stressbuster, a four part Series for ABC Television that focused on stress in the workplace. In the series, Professor Ellis visited four workplaces to assess the organisational health of the company, then facilitated the development of action plans to improve health and productivity.

Professor Ellis is a dynamic, colourful presenter who delivers her valuable insights into the world of business with a no- nonsense, straight-talking style. Her warm rapport with people and uncommon ability to communicate the complex makes Professor Ellis an effective keynote speaker and corporate trainer.

Professor Niki Ellis has worked as a consultant in both the public health sector and commercial enterprise in both Australia and the United Kingdom. She has published numerous articles, written columns in leading occupational health and safety magazines and was the technical editor of a column for Australian Doctor Weekly

In April 2005, Professor Niki Ellis was appointed as Foundation Professor and Director to the Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health (CMVH), University of Queensland (UQ). Other appointments have included Inaugural President of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational Medicine; Royal Australasian College of Physicians; Head of Preventive Strategies Australian National Occupational Health and Safety Commission; Chair of the New South Wales WorkCover’s Medical Advisory Committee and member of the World Health Organisation’s expert panel on occupational health. She was commissioned to write a text book by Oxford University Press: Work and health: management in Australia and New Zealand.

Professor Niki Ellis was awarded College Medal by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in May 2004 and appointed Principal Investigator for two studies on health workforce innovation at London South Bank University, 2004-2005. Professor Niki Ellis is an occupational and public health physician.

Professor Niki Ellis talks about:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • The need to broaden our approach from assisting individuals to cope better to include changing the way work is organised and the way people are managed.

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