Nigel Collin

Change Agent, Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Nigel Collin is a leadership expert who helps organisations facilitate, and individuals embrace, change. He draws on years of research into what makes businesses and organisations successful to help his audiences plan and take small steps in an effort to achieve big goals.

Globally recognised as a Certified Professional Speaker and also regarded as a top conference facilitator, Nigel has an engaging style and an impressive ability to get key messages across. He is uniquely adept at tying together the experiences, themes and key messages of a conference with an appropriate blend of facilitating, interviewing and/or delivering a keynote address.

Through his ability as a storyteller, Nigel’s audiences walk away inspired with actionable ideas they can implement immediately back in the workplace.

More about Nigel Collin:

Nigel Collin started his first business at the age of 20 and sold it at 21. He went on to build one of Australia’s largest creative entertainment design companies within the business events arena.

In 2013, armed with a video camera, Nigel set off solo on his motorbike, to discover ingenious Australians and share their stories. This resulted in the ‘Ingenious Oz Project’ through which he was able to analyse, over many years, 100s of people and businesses to identify patterns in what they did and how they did it to achieve success. The learnings from this research became the basis of Nigel Collin’s ‘Game of Inches’ process which he teaches to individuals and organisations around the world today.

Nigel has presented to organisations in industries including IT, Franchise, Events, Marketing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Telecommunications. He has an impressive track record working with some of the world’s leading executives, Ministers of Parliament and entrepreneurs in both public and private sectors.

Nigel is an alumnus of the Disney Institute, a Ted-Xer, and the author of three books. In 2017, he became the only speaker in Australia to be recognised for his outstanding contribution to meetings and events.

When not speaking, working with clients, writing or riding his motorcycle, Nigel Collin spends his time between Sydney and the rural mid north coast of NSW with his family.

Nigel Collin speaks about:

Making Change Happen is a Game of Inches – What if change happens as a result of small, consistent steps and not a one-off explosive moment? What if you could help your people take ownership of change and contribute to it every day? Most people resist change because it seems too big, too hard and too scary. Most change initiatives fail for two key reasons, they have the wrong mindset and the wrong process. This keynote focuses on a process developed from research of what 100s of successful organisations and their people do to make change happen.

The Mindset of Change – Most people resist change because it seems too big, too hard and too scary. But change is achievable one small, doable step at a time. This session is for leaders wanting to inspire and enable their teams to achieve a mindset for adopting and exploiting change. Drawn on research from business psychology, neuro-science and interviews with business leaders, it offers pragmatic ideas to adopt for mindset of change.

What if innovation doesn’t have to happen with a big breakout idea but can unfold by making small, consistent changes? This keynote focuses on an achievable process for everyday innovation based on research from 100s of top entrepreneurs, business leaders & owners. ‘The Game of Inches’ is a proven process for using small consistent improvements to create big and lasting results for your business.

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