Nick Vujicic

Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Producer and Actor

Aussie-American Nick Vujicic is an entrepreneur, internationally known speaker, and author, who has traveled the globe sharing his life story to inspire millions of people. He motivates and equips people of all ages to dream big and never give up, as he shares his faith, values, and the principles of how he transformed his life from a life without limbs into a life without limits!

As a teenager Nick began trading stocks and options, and bought his first real estate investment at age 19. At 21 he graduated from college in Australia with a double major in accounting and financial planning.

In his mid twenties Nick moved to the USA. He co-founded multiple non-profit organizations including Life Without Limbs (, and through his passion to fight against bullying he, with partners at Noble Education Initiative, developed a full comprehensive, academic, social-emotional learning curriculum for public and private schools and students of all ages ( He is also a co-founding board member of Abortion Free States, a non profit organization that is equipping. educating and igniting the movement through legislatures, magistrates and churches alike to rise up and see the immediate abolishment of abortion in the United States: Nick is a co spokesman of co-founder and President, Daniel Navejas (AFS.Life).

Nick has written 6 books, which have sold over 3 million copies in 30+ languages, and has had the opportunity to address 10 national governments, as well as meet 21 Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Prime Ministers.

Corporations that have had Nick motivate their teams include Google, Keller Williams, JP Morgan Chase, Remax, FranklinCovey, NuSkin, Young Living, Monat, Isagenix, Plexus, USANA, Cisco, and countless more. Through his speaking he has shared the platform with people like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, and Les Brown. Nick has given multiple Ted Talks and been on Oprah Life Class, as well as many other television shows and documentaries.

Nick married his beautiful wife in early 2012 and they have four children; two boys, and twin girls. They moved from Southern California to Dallas, Texas in mid 2020, where they currently reside today.

Nick has a mission and mandate to change the world for the better- one person at a time; using his life and example as a testimony of hope, helping people to find their value and purpose, and also encouraging them to partner together, with generosity and love, to be the change- one day at a time, using the tools they have been given.

What Nick Vujicic Speaks About

  • Having an attitude of gratitude
  • Overcoming fear
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Dreaming big
  • Persisting through failure
  • Never giving up
  • Keys to resilience
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finding your purpose

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