Nick Bowditch

Story-teller, Advocate, Keynote Speaker & MC

Nick Bowditch is a unique thought leader in social-media with an enviably diverse corporate career. An insightful keynote speaker and advisor, he draws on his experience as the only person in the Southern Hemisphere to have worked in marketing at both Facebook and Twitter.

Nick is also a best-selling author, an addict, a sexual abuse victim, suicide survivor, and someone who lives with post-traumatic stress disorder.

A serious mental health advocate, a sought-after keynote speaker and highly professional MC, Nick travels nationally and internationally encouraging people to be the very best versions of themselves, to find their true voice, to tell their story better, and to find their kindness.

Genuine, authentic, entertaining and truly unique, Nick impacts his audiences in ways very few speakers can, as he shares sometimes very personal insights and life lessons he has discovered.

Approachable, relatable and engaging, Nick is also a highly proficient MC who can keep things moving and maintain audience attention. Nick has hosted big conferences, smaller boutique events, seminars, symposiums, sporting events like boxing nights and sporting franchise home game days.

Nick Bowditch speaks about:

Reboot your thinking – Based on Nick’s best-selling book, Reboot Your Thinking, this entertaining and surprising presentation provides an insight into the steps that Nick has taken to become fit, healthy, strong and resilient, having lived as a victim of sexual abuse and with mental illness and addiction.

How to use storytelling to improve your business – Nick teaches the audience the power of story-telling and how to look for the motivations in people through their stories. WHY would someone want to purchase your product or service and not someone else’s? WHY would they even be looking for your product or service in the first place? We get caught up on price and features and benefits, but in this presentation, Nick shows the audience that none of that matters, it’s all about the WHY that is sometimes very well hidden in our stories.

Social Marketing – Drawing on his experience marketing Facebook and Twitter, Nick shares a lot of tricks and secrets to help individuals and businesses stand out and be heard over the noise of online platforms.

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