Neer Korn

Expert speaker on Australian social and consumer trends

Neer Korn’s presentations are insightful, informative yet highly engaging and entertaining.

Neer takes his audience on a journey through Australian society, peppering his insights with video quotes from Australians themselves that bring the presentation to life.

More than learning and entertainment, Neer is all about creating a culture of instinct.

As the founder and director of Heartbeat Trends and The Korn Group, Neer Korn has researched and reported on Australian attitudes and trends for more than 13 years.  He has published over 120 large scale studies on all aspects of Australian society, trends and attitudes. ‘

Neer Korn is a popular speaker at conferences and company planning days on social issues and trends. His range of speaking topics has covered every avenue of Australian life, from finance to home life to generational differences to health & wellbeing and much more.

He consults to a who’s who of Australian blue chip companies and organisations as well as government and charities. His clients include Commonwealth Bank, MLC, Suncorp, AMP, Nestle, Nickelodeon, Cadbury among many others. Neer is a frequent commentator of social issues in the media.

Neer’s writing and commentary are regularly published in newspapers and magazines nationally and he is frequently interviewed for press, radio and television.

He is also the author of two non-fiction titles, Shades of Belonging: Conversation with Australian Jews which examined attitudes to religion and Life Behind Bars: Conversations with Violent Male Inmates based on three years of interviews at Sydney’s Long Bay Prison Complex.

Neer Korn talks about:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Finance & spending
  • Environment & politics
  • Image & identity
  • Leisure time & hobbies
  • Media & technology
  • Volunteering and charity
  • Modern families
  • Shopping
  • Generational differences
  • Retirement & work

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