Natasha Pincus

Internationally renowned storyteller

Not only is Natasha Pincus a leading Australian creative and multi award-winning film director and writer, she is also a qualified and experienced lawyer and scientist.

If that wasn’t enough, Natasha is also an internationally renowned storyteller whose work has been embraced by millions – the music video she directed, edited and produced for Gotye’s multi ARIA and Grammy award-winning song Somebody That I Used to Know has been viewed by over half a billion people around the world. The video won more than 50 international awards and its viral spread created a landmark internet sensation.

Regarded by her peers as a true contemporary renaissance thinker, Natasha is a passionate, talented, dynamic and popular keynote speaker who loves to challenge, inspire and entertain her audiences on a wide range of topics.

With professional experience in a range of sectors – from Law to Science and back through the worlds of Film and Music – Natasha is uniquely placed to understand the cultures, needs and tastes of a wide variety of industries, their workplaces and members.

Natasha’s insights into unlocking GENIUS are world class. She believes that there is more talent within you, and around you, than you have yet imagined. You just need to know how to access it.

Unforgettable and unorthodox, Natasha Pincus’s talks are always a high-energy experience, no matter what the topic.

Natasha Pincus talks about:

As a speaker she is changing minds one at a time with her ideas on performance, innovation and engagement. I am not a Genius and So Are You is the title of Natasha’s latest manifesto.

Natasha believes:
• There is no objective standard for ‘genius’
• Genius is not a birthright
• Genius is not a gift made by the gods
• Genius is a label. And it’s one you can give yourself
• Our previous understanding of ‘genius’ is now obsolete. It’s time to redefine it
• As a genius you will become the best version of yourself
• In our world, anyone can be a genius

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