Nat Kringoudis

Health & Hormone Revolutionist, Inspiring Speaker

Nat Kringoudis is renowned for her expertise in hormone health and wellness. The founder of the wellness clinic The Pagoda Tree, she has produced and co-hosted healthtalksTV, authored Well & Good and written for various publications including Vogue, Marie Claire, Body + Soul, Cosmo Health, Cosmo Pregnancy. Nat has appeared on both The Morning Show and The Daily Edition as their natural health expert.

With a mission to educate and inspire, Nat Kringoudis take wellness to a revolutionary level. Her crusade is to facilitate greater understanding of our bodies, allowing people to make informed decisions and to encourage us to be in the driver’s seat of our own health. She believes our health starts with our own awareness.

Nat Kringoudis talks about:


It’s the modern epidemic and we aren’t necessarily being taught the best way to deal with it (more so it’s coming at us like a speed train!). Nat not only helps reveal what stress is and where it is coming from, but techniques to help us get a grip and manage it so we can continue to live the life we deserve.

Young women’s education

It’s Nat’s vision to see all women receive as much information about themselves as possible to help them overcome the current hormone imbalance wave affecting future generations. She believes much of what she was taught in high school couldn’t have been further from what actually happens in a young woman’s body.

Nat helps re-educate and revolutionise the way we see hormones and to understand that fertility isn’t about babies. She dispels the myths around conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis and draws on her clinic experience to demonstrate how she gets results when treating these extremely common issues.

Nutrition Fuel for Wellness!

Nat helps us understand how food is medicine. She teaches ‘soy is a junk food,’ helps us understand exactly what foods are necessary for hormone health and why the gut is the pivot of our health. Her book, Well & Good demonstrates her message further.

Women’s Health

Nat unravels the notion that we are complex beings and helps women better understand themselves by decoding the messages that our bodies share with us daily. Nat also teaches women about menopause, helping them to understand it’s a ‘transition’ rather than a condition. Supporting health through the process is the key – but it’s what we do in our younger years that paves the way for a smooth overall process.

Your Business

Nat has successfully grown two businesses – The Pagoda Tree, her wellness clinic and her own brand, Nat Kringoudis for over ten years. With a strong social media presence, Nat teaches the ropes of business, how to successfully create a brand, an online presence and grow your own wellness practice for longevity and success.

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