Morris Miselowski

Business Futurist, Keynote Presenter, Innovator

Morris Miselowski is a successful entrepreneur whose speaking specialty and business-orientation is future-vision. Morris Miselowski challenges the status quo and he is constantly imagining what a different world might look like.

In tomorrow’s world everything will change. The way we work, our lifestyle, our belief systems, our habits, our opportunities, and the way we experience and interact with the world. Morris has an uncanny ability to demystify misconceptions, provide anthropological foresight and shift mindsets in a way that inspires organisations in every industry to get out of their comfort zones and embrace the infinite opportunities the future offers, before their competitors do.

More about Morris Miselowski:

Morris was born to be a futurist. The son of World War II survivors, who had seen the world crumbling around them, he grew up in a household that believed there would always be a better tomorrow.

This belief has become his lifelong passion. Through powerful storytelling, and practical and uncanny insights, Morris takes some of the world’s biggest organisations and brands on a journey that enables them to see what tomorrow might look like – long before they experience it.

To get to where he is, Morris has worn many hats. By the age of 18, he was living the entrepreneurial life running a direct mail business. However, moving from his garage bound business to the global stage, including delivering a TEDx talk, took a few more steps. He spent many years as an academic in management and marketing and even ventured behind prison bars, to work as a Chaplain. He’s also Australia’s first and only futurist in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) alumni, an honour he shares with the exceptional, Barbara Streisand. More recently Morris has been working closely with Griffith University as an ambassador and Adjunct Industry Fellow.

Morris Miselowski has the real-life experience that helps him to understand the possibilities for every client — no matter how complex – translating them into simple, practical, actionable, profitable insights they can use immediately. He foresees an unlimited future for those companies which take the time to prepare and strategise for the future NOW.

Morris’s presentations are audio-visual feasts: always accessible, always exciting, always thought-provoking and always tailored to their audience.

In 2011 Morris spoke to well over a 100 groups, businesses and associations and clocked up in excess of a 300,000 kilometres travelling around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore (twice), Bangkok (three times), India, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Morris Miselowski has had over 30 years’ experience in business and strategic future forecasting for a wide range of public and private organisations through his consulting firm Success Through Focus, his equity partnership firm Futurevation and his speaking business Eye on the Future. He’s been involved in the daily operation of seven publicly listed companies, welfare and human resource organisations, and has also developed multi-million dollar projects in local, national and international arenas.

As a speaker, strategist, consultant and mentor, he provides prescient, practical advice to CEOs and decision-makers in Australia and around the world. His clients have included small businesses and associations as well as blue-chip companies like nab, Mercedes Benz, HBA, UBS, Toll, RMIT, Ernst & Young, Danone, Phillips, Toshiba and IGA.

He is also in demand as a media commentator with weekly radio shows on ABC Australia across Asia Pacific and 6PR in Perth, a podcast show on the world’s premium content network CBS Interactive, regular appearances on television, radio, print and online media, a feature interview in the best-selling Australian business book Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed and articles in Virgin Airlines Voyeur magazines, Business Solutions, MX, Herald Sun, The Age and Innovation, amongst many others.

All of this, as well as his many years as a lecturer in marketing and management means he has the inside edge on how to captivate and educate an audience.

Morris Miselowski talks about:

Futurevation: The Tomorrow and Beyond of Business – How will you embrace changes? How will things unfold for your industry? What will tomorrow’s consumers and employees want from you? How can you use new technology to engage, get to know and reward them? And most importantly, how can you profit from all of this? Blow away misconceptions and fears and open your mind to a brave new world of possibilities with this customised keynote presentation.

BreadCrumb InnovationTM: Creating Future Opportunities Now – Innovation is rarely about that one ‘big idea’. It’s about a series of smaller ideas that add up over time and generate real revenue, right now- that’s what BreadCrumb InnovationTM is all about. In this intensive, fully customised workshop Morris will take you to the bleeding edge of tomorrow to see what’s on your horizon and how you can capitalise on it. You will walk away with a set of insights, opportunities and challenges that are specific to you.

Morris also speaks about:

  • Workplace of the Future
  • NFC – Near Field Communication
  • QR codes – Quick Response Codes
  • Virtual and augmented worlds
  • Geo Aware
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Mobile technology
  • Managing a global workforce
  • Virtual and remote workers and workplaces
  • Iterative management
  • Virtual money, wallets and the e-economy
  • Virtual and augmented worlds
  • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  • Mobile computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Gamification

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