Milton Black

World Renowned Astrologer

A professional astrologer, Milton Black is reported to have the largest full time, private consulting practice in Australasia. His international clientele exceeds 678,000, while his website attracts an average of 38 million hits per year.

Milton Black is one of the top ten most admired astrologers worldwide (Published by Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald) and rates in the Top Ten websites though “Hitwise Australia” in 2005-6.

Milton Black is renowned for his uncanny and accurate forecasts on world politics and economics. Many a politician, economist and trader has visited his website to read his monthly newsletter predictions concerning future global economical trends, including subsequent stock market directions and possible overtones.

Milton Black currently writes the weekly lucky numbers column and special Numerological features for Woman’s Day. Prior to this, he predicted and wrote the weekly stars, stock market investment column for John Fairfax Money Manager F2 Internet services. He also wrote the weekly stars column in New Idea for 16 years.

His television appearances include The 7.30 Report, Good Morning Australia and for the past seven years, a segment on astrological lucky racing numbers and colours for the Melbourne Cup coverage on Channel Ten. On radio, Milton has appeared on national and independent radio stations throughout Australiasia and in the UK and USA.

Milton Black presented his syndicated talk-back, astrological variety show, Black and Beyond, reaching a regular weekly listening audience of around 580,000. He also broadcast Australia wide through ABC Radio and commercial satellite transmissions out of the DMG Commercial Radio Network, reaching a total listening audience of nearly two million.

In 2005, in conjunction with his media company Capella International Pty, Limited, Milton Black introduced Global SMS daily horoscopes and tarot. This service is also advertised on television throughout Australia, UK and soon in the USA.

Since 1999 Milton has written the yearly zodiac guide for international publishers Harlequin, Mills and Boon. He also wrote Dreamtime Astrology for Harlequin Enterprises and was a co-author of Astrology Under The Southern Cross.

A practical and informative astrologer, broadcaster and entertainer, Milton’s predictions are appreciated and respected by a wide international audience. Milton is available as a guest speaker, entertainer for corporate seminars and conferences, and private consultations.

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