Mike Foster

Former-CEO/Executive Director, Mentor, Advisor and Speaker

Mike Foster was previously the CEO and Executive Director of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand.

In line with restructuring of Fujitsu’s global organization Mike was appointed as Head of the Oceania Region in April 2014 to November 2020 reporting directly to the Global President of Fujitsu in Japan. He had been instrumental in driving the company’s business strategy at the enterprise level and to develop Fujitsu’s presence as a Tier 1 Technology Services Integrator with over 5,000 people in Australia and New Zealand.

Mike’s career to date spans over 25 years in the ICT industry in Australia and North America. Prior to Fujitsu, he spent nine years in senior executive positions at Telstra, including Managing Director, Business Sales, and more recently as the Chief Executive Officer, KAZ Group. Before joining Telstra, he was Managing Director, EMC, Australia/New Zealand and Managing Director, NCR Australia.

Mike Foster speakers about:

Data Management and Creating a Cyber Security Framework For Executives

What a senior non IT manager will learn at the workshop:

  • To give each group a high level overview of what is happening in the world of Cyber?
  • Get them to question; are they doing enough? Or do they know enough? What is your Cyber Maturity Assessment score?
  • Show them the many dimensions as to what is happening in cyber and that it isn’t enough to leave it with the IT team.
  • To give senior executives and board members so tools/questions to ask.
  • Make Governance work for you.
  • Ensure checks and audits as to what IT, Data Management and Workforce Behavior doing what they attest to?
  • Check there is compliance to cyber and security standards
  • Give management their top 5 exposures to cyber and what they need to be doing to address them.
  • Review the company response plan across a number of scenarios. Within your Company, Supply chain or Ecosystem.

Aligning Technology and Processes to Support Your Future Business Strategy

The importance of using AI/Automation and associated Tools to combat Cyber. The importance of having Executive Dashboards helping you manage the following:

  • Prevention: Risk scores are generated by systems based on variables such as behavioral patterns and geolocation. Zero trust architecture s combined with machine learning. Asset management leverages visibility using machine learning. Comply with regulations by improving discovery, classification, and protection of data using machine learning. Data security and data privacy services use machine learning for data discovery.
  • Detection: AI, advanced machine learning, and static approaches, such as code file analysis, combine to automatically detect and analyze threats and prevent threats from
    spreading, assisted by threat intelligence
  • Response: AI /Automation helps in orchestrating security technologies for organisations to reduce the number of security agents installed, which may not talk to each other or, worse, may conflict with each other.
  • Recovery: AI/Automation continuously tunes based on lessons learned, such as creating security policies for improving future accuracy. AI also does not get fatigue, and it assists humans in a faster recovery

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