Michael Pope

Superb MC, Mentalist & Comedian

Michael Pope is the ultimate Master of Ceremonies and facilitator having spent over 30 years entertaining audiences in the television and corporate worlds. His legendary game of Shuffle is an absolute winner as an ice breaker, event closer, to raise funds or as an unexpected way to get the hefty topics of leadership and risk taking under discussion.

A thorough professional, Michael has made hundreds of public appearances as an MC or after dinner speaker for private, corporate, government and charitable events around Australia.

Whether it’s warming up a huge crowd of 30,000 for the televised Australia Day awards, MCing a black-tie dinner for a company’s award night, or hosting a golf day, Michael has the unique ability to turn a crowd into an audience. Along with superb improvisation skills, impeccable timing and one of the quickest wits in the business, he has the enviable ability to read an audience, swiftly engage with them and then deliver exactly what they want. Every person is treated with respect and appreciation, whether a VIP or one in a crowd of hundreds.

Michael Pope has worked with many leading charities over the years as an MC or featured act. His particular forte is live auctions, where his powers of persuasion work wonders on generous donors. Brainwave, Canteen and The Cancer Council are just a few of the charities that have employed Michael’s sparkling wit and inimitable skills to keep everyone entertained and digging deep all night long.

Michael has also worked with Australia’s best-known corporates, including LG, AMP, AFI, ANZ, CPA, Crown, Freehills, Fuji Xerox and Guardian.

Michael Pope's performances:

It’s Who You Know (IWYK) – A funny, daring and fast moving show that makes audiences re-examine exactly how they know the people they know. Over 60 minutes, Michael Pope finds connections within the audience leaving them wondering whether it’s all in the lap of a higher power…..his!

Michael has performed IWYK to packed houses and he won the Best Newcomer Award with the show at the Melbourne Magic Festival 2019. Available for corporate audiences, this show is perfect for after dinner entertainment or a breakout from the work of the day.

Shuffle – An interactive, dramatic battle between two players, a pack of cards and luck that gives the players – and in fact the whole audience – the chance to be winners.

Played out in about 60 minutes, this is the perfect multi-functional strategy that will get your audience warmed up or close your event with high energy. Shuffle also encourages people to open their wallets at fundraisers while at workshops, and it quickly initiates discussion about leadership and risk taking.

Shuffle can be designed to fit within your budget and timings and is perfect for any group of 20 – 150. Simple to facilitate, it can be played by everyone at the same time via the internet with handheld devices supplied by Michael who will run the game. Your people will walk away having had a fun and engaging time – win or lose!

Highly entertaining, highly professional and a brilliant MC and host, Michael Pope’s undoubted expertise and years of experience will make the difference you’re looking for, ensuring that your event will be memorable and successful.

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