Michael Licenblat

Resilience Expert & Keynote Speaker

Michael Licenblat is an expert on resilience who teaches people how to bounce back from pressures, setbacks, and rejections in life and business… and in doing so, how to maximise their performance and achievements.

A compelling keynote speaker, Michael gives his audiences the techniques, confidence and courage to manage the failures, challenges and problems that are part of every process in the world of business, service, and sales.

More about Michael Licenblat:

Michael Licenblat was born into a family of entrepreneurial parents and grew up working inside the numerous family businesses. In this fast paced, high pressure environment, he quickly learnt that success often came to those who can ride the bumps, get up, and keep going.

Over 20 years ago, Michael became one of the pioneers in building a successful natural therapies business through overcoming market rejection, refusals, and knockbacks. By drawing on his background in business, psychology, Shiatsu therapy, and over 25 years of martial arts experience, Michael has helped countless companies become ‘pressure proof’ and out-achieve their competition.

In Michael’s upbeat, interactive and hands on presentations, he takes audiences into the world of reading ‘pressure patterns’ and building personal resilience so that they walk away with practical ideas on how to ‘keep their drive alive’.

Michael is the author of Pressure Proof – how to thrive in time of disruption, change, and pressure. His articles are regularly published and his clients include Toyota, Chemmart, REIV, Coles Myer Ltd., Pitcher Partners, St George, Smartline, SEEK, Hocking Stuart, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Maunsell, SalesForce, and the Victorian Parliament.

Michael Licenblat speaks about:

Building Sales Resilience – Bouncing back from sales rejections, setbacks and challenges.

Every year companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on training their sales teams in areas like prospecting, questioning and closing more sales. While this type of training is clearly valuable, it fails to address a key factor impacting sales performance. That is, the ability of the salesperson to manage the rejections and pushbacks they face every day. In this presentation, Michael provides practical techniques on how to:

  • Recover quickly from rejections and challenges to achieve more
  • Keep their ‘drive alive’ by not personalising rejections or pushbacks
  • Deal with negativity and failure without becoming drained
  • Develop a resilient mental attitude to stay focused and dollar productive in tough markets.

Becoming Pressure Proof – Thriving in times of disruption, change and challenge

In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with fewer resources. You will be confronted by continual changes, pressured by rising competition, and faced with higher expectations. There will always be days of setbacks and failures; changes that you can’t control; workloads that never end, and problems that don’t seem to have solutions. In this presentation Michael describes five levels of personal resilience so participants can:

  • Bounce back faster from setbacks and challenges
  • Lift personal productivity when dealing with multiple pressures
  • Remain motivated under pressure with a resilient mental attitude
  • Thrive and adapt in a competitive environment – without burning out.

Building Business Rainmakers – How to hit sales targets in tough and competitive markets

In times where competition is growing and clients are more discerning, businesses will have to work harder and smarter to secure their market share and business revenue. Whilst most industry professionals are technically orientated, it is having the confidence and motivation to initiate new business, follow up with clients, mining your database for leads, and making the new calls can mean the difference between your success and failure.
In this presentation, Michael Licenblat takes a practical look at the resilience principles that drive technically orientated people. Participants learn to:

  • Overcome sales reluctance and call aversion to initiate more leads and new contacts
  • Get past the four motivational killers that slow down your sales activity
  • Become confident and comfortable to approach new (and existing) clients in a professional and ‘non-salesy’ manner
  • Focus time and energy to be more sales active and reach sales/revenue targets faster.

Maximize Your Influence – Handling difficult or demanding people without becoming drained

Creating high performance teams, managing people, delivering excellent service, and building client rapport is greatly determined by your ability to influence and communicate with emotionally charged people, without taking them personally or becoming worked up. In this presentation participants learn to:

  • Be more influential with challenging, non-compliant or negative people
  • Stay cool and calm and dramatically reduce feelings of anxiousness, anger and frustration during a confrontation, conflict or clash
  • Avoid taking people’s comments personally and be able to work and communicate well with any type of person by reading their ‘Pressure Patterns’
  • Resolve issues quickly and effectively without becoming drained.

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