Max Garcia

Former US Marine Sergeant Major, Best-Selling Author and Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Max Garcia is a former US Marine Sergeant Major who lead the largest operational battalion worldwide. Max’s journey from an orphanage in Mexico, to the battlefields of Iraq is an extraordinary and ultimately uplifting story of triumph over adversity. As an author, educator and trainer, Max is a brilliant natural communicator.  Max’s powerful, engaging and inspiring presentations are tailored to the audience be it companies, universities, members of parliament or professional athletes, to help them overcome adversity and achieve their personal and corporate goals.

More about Max Garcia:

Adopted by two US Marines from an orphanage in Mexico, Max joined the Marines in 1994 and deployed twice to Europe.  He then became a Drill Instructor until deploying twice to Iraq in 2003 and 2004 where he was awarded the combat action ribbon, and a medal for “Valor” from General Mattis, the former Minister of Defense.

From 2006 to 2009 Max taught officers at the University of South Florida and was a Drill Instructor for Officer Candidates before deploying to Afghanistan in 2010.

In 2012 Max served with FAST Company Europe where he collaborated in sending a platoon of elite Marines to Libya when the consulate was attacked and the ambassador was killed in Benghazi.

In 2014 he was selected to Sergeant Major, the top enlisted rank in the Marines.  He then transferred to Japan and deployed to multiple countries in the Pacific.  Max has traveled to all 50 US states, over 70 countries and is married to the former Carolyn Michel of Sydney.  They have one daughter named Coralyn.

He retired from the Marines in 2019 to pursue life coaching and inspirational speaking.

Max Garcia talks about:

“Leadership, Loyalty, and Maximising Performance”

One of the biggest challenges in business is finding and keeping good people that will consistently add positivity to your culture and pave the way for future leaders in your organisation. However, you don’t have to stay in the whirlwinds of “The Great Resignation” or tolerate poor performance.

This inspiring session pulls from his experience leading thousands of people so that a busy and overwhelmed leader can accomplish their mission, spending minimum time on personnel issues and instead focus on the reason you are in business, to create wealth.

 “Overcome Stress and Accomplish Your Top Priority This Year”

Everyone goes through tough times, because that’s how we learn and grow. However, you don’t have to stay in the whirlwinds of life’s chaos that often pull from every direction leading to frustration, stress and failure in business, career, or personal life.

This inspiring session pulls from his near death experience of not only surviving chaos but thriving above it so that a busy and overwhelmed professional can become resilient and achieve a life full of love, health, and wealth.

Other topics include:

·       Sergeant Major’s Confidence Course

·       Sergeant Major’s Sales System – Immediately Increase

·       Sales and Revenue

·       Leadership Under Gunfire

·       Resilience and Accomplishing Your #1 Goal

·       Meeting My Biological Mother in 2023

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