Mary McArthur

Inspirational Lifestyle Speaker

After many years of teaching music and then working in the fitness industry, Mary branched out from traditional gym based work to focus on the study and practice of Pilates.
Mary established Pilates Tasmania and for some years taught clinical Pilates in her own practice in Battery Point.  In 2018, she joined The Studio.

Much of her time these days is taken up teaching and promoting the safe practice of Pilates to individuals and small groups.  As well as teaching Pilates, Mary continues to enjoy her passion for music, is an occasional guest fitness presenter on ABC radio and has been a motivational speaker, presenting at conferences throughout Australia on a range of topics such as lifestyle,  ellbeing, fitness and stress management.

Mary McArthur talks about:

Physical Solutions: Let’s Get Primitive – A special application which focuses on motivation techniques and demonstrates how to relieve stress and keep fit in high pressure and confined work environments, whether at executive or general office level.

Going the Full Mountain – Uses a mountain as a metaphor to look at training protocols for all ages, shapes and sizes. Weight management is also addressed in this informative, light and entertaining presentation.

Midlife Magic – Mountains, Myths and Muscles – Focuses on strength and fitness training especially for older participants within the community.

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