Marty Switzer

MC, Facilitator, Interviewer & Keynote Speaker

Marty Switzer is an expert on financial markets and the economy and a highly-respected business coach. With a strong media profile, he is in demand as an MC, facilitator, interviewer and keynote speaker. With exceptional energy, and a no-nonsense approach, Marty speaks to corporates, investors and small businesses on a variety of topics, infusing his presentations with key messages about how individuals and businesses can take control of their financial future.

A personable, passionate and knowledgeable communicator, his strength lies in making complex and tedious topics accessible, engaging and relevant to the audience.

More about Marty Switzer:

Marty is a director of the Switzer Financial Group, which consists of the Switzer Super Report and Switzer Financial Planning. He has also built a number of businesses and is the currently the CEO of an ASX listed funds management. He is also the co-founder of its coaching arm, Switzer Business Coaching. Marty has written for the business section of The Australian newspaper, the Wentworth Courier and Charter magazine, and he’s worked on Radio 2UE in Sydney.

Marty is also a consultant with the Australian Defence Force Financial services consumer and travels Australia providing financial information and education to ADF members and their families.

Marty Switzer talks about:

Economy and Financial Markets – Marty presents an analysis of what the best economists in the country are saying, as well as providing Switzer Insights into where our economy is heading.

Personal Investment – Take control of your financial future! What you need to do to get your financial house in order so you can get the life you want.

Small Business – How to create a business that works

Sales and Marketing –  How to help businesses grow their sales, manage their sales teams and build their brands.

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